Michael Lucas Entertainment LOST Michael Lucas Entertainment LOST Michael Lucas Entertainment LOST
Studio: Lucas Entertainment
Directed by: Michael Lucas
Year of Production / Release: 2004
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Richard Black
Christophe Blanc
Dan Bradford
Alex Clark
David Cody
Luciano Haas
Chad Hunt
Wilfried Knight
Michael Lucas
Clay Price
Luke Stamm

Michael Lucas presents the 27th release from Lucas Entertainment, Lost. A handsome, young couple in New York City (Michael Lucas and newcomer Luciano Haas) finds that their needs are not being met in their relationship, so each decides to take matters of personal extracurricular fulfillment into his own hands. They encounter drop-dead gorgeous new discovery Wilfried Knight, buff sex god Richard Black, and raunchy new handsome discovery Alex Clark (all Lucas Entertainment exclusives) in this hot and heavy drama.

In a cab heading back into Manhattan, Michael Lucas has a flashback of the steamy night he’s just had with buff studs Wilfried Knight and Alex Clark. The three get down and dirty with some heavy ass-eating and dick-sucking before some rough doggy-style fucking. Lucas and Knight take turns working Clark’s tight ass, but then Knight gets on his back, lifts his legs above his head, and let’s the other two dig in to an explosive climax. On his hurried way out, Lucas leaves behind a photo of his boyfriend, Luciano Haas, by accident. When he gets home, he decides not to tell Luciano where he was all night.

Wilfried Knight and Richard Black throw an orgy party and invite the horse-hung duo of Chad Hunt and David Cody as well as newcomers Luke Stamm, Dan Bradford and Clay Price to join in the fun. Things start off with a raunchy suck-fest that centers around Hunt and Cody’s large cocks, but then things flip to some assembly-line fucking with the bottoms on top.

Hot Frenchie Christophe Blanc hears about all the fun he missed at the orgy from Richard Black and Wilfried Knight. At a restaurant, Knight recognizes smooth Latino heartthrob Luciano Haas from the photo that Lucas left behind, and invites him over for a hotel-room foursome. They all feast on Black’s rock-hard cock before splitting up into pairs to suck each other off. Then Haas fucks Knight and Blanc fucks Black, both doggy-style, before switching it up for a giant sploogefest of an ending.

Feeling guilty about what he’s just done, Luciano Haas returns home to Michael Lucas, who starts asking Haas about his night. Haas refuses to talk about it and opts to get it on with Lucas instead. He sucks on and fucks Lucas’ meaty member in the shadows of the night. The two have succumbed to the boredom and misery of their apathetic relationship, because sometimes, it’s just easier to stay together than to break up.


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