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Michael Lucas Entertainment Lucas Raunch LONDON SHOWERS Michael Lucas Entertainment Lucas Raunch LONDON SHOWERS

Studio: Lucas Raunch
Directed by: Christopher Crisco, Adam Killian
Year of Production / Release: 2013
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Jonathan Agassi
Sam Barclay
Tomas Brand
Damien Crosse
Edji Da Silva
JP Dubois
Scott Hunter
Marco Troper
Lucio Saints

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The cold and rainy streets of England quickly turn steamy and golden when the weather report calls for “London Showers”! Tomas Brand shows off his topping skills by dominating piss slut Jonathan Agassi. Young British sex stars Sam Barclay and J.P. Dubois get raunchy with pissing, fucking, and cum. Lucio Saints shows Ethan Rezzo who is in charge with his hard uncut cock. Edji Da Silva and Scott Hunter get sloppy with water sports in the bathroom. And Jonathan Agassi returns to bottom in a puddle of piss for Damien Crosse! Let loose and get wet, because we’re calling for “London Showers”!

Michael Lucas Entertainment Lucas Raunch LONDON SHOWERS
SCENE 1: Tomas Brand Tops Jonathan Agassi in Piss
When there’s so much piss to release there’s not enough time for sucking big uncut cock and fucking tight man ass, and when there’s plenty of oral and anal action what about all of the piss? This is a balance Lucas Entertainment’s Jonathan Agassi — the studio’s resident piss king — strikes when he meets up with Tomas Brand after a workout and run. Tomas is tall and ripped with muscles, which is a favorite of Jonathan’s. Tomas whips out his cock, and there’s so much Jonathan wants to do with it he can’t choose at first, so his top helps him out with the choice and starts pissing! And the water sports moves into some deep-throat cock sucking and hardcore anal penetration before it all breaks loose into a piss-soaked fuck fest!

Michael Lucas Entertainment Lucas Raunch LONDON SHOWERS
SCENE 2: Sam Barclay and J.P. Dubois Get Raunchy
It’s easy to be deceived when looking at these two: JP Dubois looks like a twink through and through, and Sam Barclay completely would too if not for the scruff he has growing on his chin and jaw. Innocent on the outside perhaps, but these two kinky bastards are raunchy and devilish behind closed doors. Sam begins by trying to manage sucking JP’s big fat uncut cock, and then JP returns the favor and loosens up his lips on Sam. The hotter and heavier they get the raunchier they become, and that’s when they start pissing on each other; the guys wash each other’s hungry ass holes in hot urine. Sam fucks JP first, but he’s aching to feel his boy toy’s big uncut dick inside him, and the harder JP fucks Sam the less willpower he has to hold it in, pissing on himself before shooting his seed!

Michael Lucas Entertainment Lucas Raunch LONDON SHOWERS
SCENE 3: Lucio Saints Dominates Ethan Rezzo
Ethan Rezzo gets back a lot more than he bargained for when he tries to prank his buddy Lucio Saints. Fun is fun and pranks are pranks, but when your buddy is bigger, hornier, and rougher than you, don’t piss him off. But that’s what Ethan does to Lucio Saints, and literally with his piss. When Lucio find out he lets Ethan know who is boss, and Ethan goes along for the ride, no matter how rough Lucio gets. Ethan is so into the intense play you might think he had Lucio’s reaction in mind the entire time! Lucio covers Ethan in hot glistening piss, shoves his big, fat uncut Spanish cock down his throat, and mounts the bottom’s ass and pounds him into submission so he’ll never forget what he did!

Michael Lucas Entertainment Lucas Raunch LONDON SHOWERS
SCENE 4: Edji Da Silva Soaks Scott Hunter
Take a good, long look at Edji Da Silva and ask yourself how much you think he’ll put up with. Edji is all man and when he’s given the opportunity to dominate a needy bottom he doesn’t pass up the opportunity. Enter Scott Hunter, who is exactly what the doctor ordered. Edji always enjoys testing the limits of the men he has sex with, and Scott shows what he’s capable of handling. There’s lots of kissing and sucking while Edji leans against a staircase, and just to keep Scott in line he shoots his piss all over him! Scott is horny for a pounding, and Edji is always ready to stick his Arab meat inside an excited bottom! The dirtier these two guys get they move into the bathroom where nothing will stain with all of the piss and cum they unload!

Michael Lucas Entertainment Lucas Raunch LONDON SHOWERS
SCENE 5: Damien Crosse Douses Jonathan Agassi
“You don’t mind getting wet, do you?” Jonathan Agassi asks Damien Crosse as they strip off their clothes and sit around the living room. Jonathan lets loose a golden arch of piss that splatters all over Damien as he’s sitting on a leather chair. Jonathan, ever the pig, sticks a dog-tail butt plug up his ass so Damien can take a leak all over it. The raunch Damien and Jonathan share dissolves into uninhibited hardcore sucking and fucking — the guys swap back and forth between blowjobs before Damien takes hold of Jonathan as a top and pounds him out as the sloppy pig bottom Jonathan is!


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