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Smutjunkies Bait Buddies - Gay Men get a str8 guy fucked Lucas Weston Rex Wolfe

Studio: Bait Buddies
Directed by: Gio Caruso
Year of Production / Release: 2013
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Bait: Rex Wolfe
Straight: Lucas Weston

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Lucas is a beefy, sexy, straight college boy from Nashville who plays guitar and sings just well enough to serenade the girls and lure them into bed, getting all the pussy he needs. He’s here today to break into the porn business. He’s the boy next store whose cock you crave to suck – but alas, just as your straight fantasy at home, he’s untouchable. But, today with the help of our seasoned straight baiter, Rex, he will not only get his dick sucked for the first time by another dude, but this straight boy will use his almost 8” dick to fuck the cum out of a guy – something he never, ever dreamed of doing. Rex has helped us out before and at 6’4” with a 9” cock, we can only describe him as, pun intended, a ‘Big Help’. After both boys are nude and turn to face the back of the set and show off their hot little bubble butts, Caruso goes to get the ‘girl’ for the anticipated double penetration scene. Waitng for Caruso to return with the girl, Rex prods Lucas to talk about fucking pussy as they watch some straight porn. Caruso delivers the news that the poor girl got herself pussy poison ivy and she won’t be coming in. And since there’s no other girls for miles and miles, the only alternative is for the guys to have sex with each other – b;ut for a lot more money. We get the usual response from Lucas, feeling like he has to defend his ‘straightness’ yet fighting the desire to make a lot of money, he says he doesn’t want to do it. But, he’s so easy going he just kind of falls into the gay action. He doesn’t do a bad job sucking cock for the first time, but eventually admits he had some experience…sucking his own cock when he was a kid (we’d like to see that!). Then we see him fuck our bait guy, Rex, just the same as he would fuck any pussy and boy was Rex loving it. Once Rex flips on his back for a missionary fuck, it’s only a matter of a few short minutes until Lucas pounds a huge explosion of cum out of him which covers his entire torso going as far as landing on the couch past his shoulder. Maybe his 9” cock gave the spunk a running start – LOL – ’cause that shit goes really far. Lucas is now also ready to nut, he pulls off his condom and just as he likes to bust when he’s fucking a girl by feeling his balls on her pussy, he automatically inches up on Rex’s body and sits his butt on the boys legs with his balls against Rex’s cock and jacks off his hot load all over Rex who is now a cummy mess. The boys come down from their sexual high and Caruso sends them to the showers to clean up. If this stuff turns you on as much as it does the entire staff here and you’d like to be a ‘Big Help’ at Bait Buddies, just like Rex, click on our model link and submit your information. And, if you have a straight buddy you’d like to fool around with then tell us about him too. Now sit back and enjoy Lucas & Rex in ‘BIG HELP’.

Smutjunkies Bait Buddies - Gay Men get a str8 guy fucked


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