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Studio: Randy Blue
Directed by: Randy Blue
Year of Production / Release: 2008
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Lucky Daniels
Shawn Harriri

Lucky Daniels had a busy week. After a spontaneous video with Trent we gave him a few days to rest and then set him up on his originally scheduled shoot with Shawn Harriri. It had been a while for Shawn, who’s been away at school, but I was so glad to get him back for this video. He’s got such an amazingly hot body and handsome features. Plus his accent drives me wild. Lucky was primed and ready for this shoot and wasted no time in getting Shawn hard and driving him wild with his talented mouth. And considering what a huge tool Shawn has, it shows you how good Lucky is at sucking cock. Opening his throat and allowing Shaw’s big tool to glide effortlessly down, caressing every inch with his tongue. Shawn has such a nice body, tall and lean, with just enough neatly trimmed chest hair to make you really want to run your fingers over his tight chest and abs. Lucky has been working out and is having a blast showing off his heightened definition. He loves the attention his hot body brings him. He looks so great getting fucked, not just taking it but moving his ass in and out, forward and back, giving Shawn the full treatment. And when they lie sideways and Shawn rams him from behind, the look on Lucky’s face is priceless. And watching Shawn squirt hot creamy jizz all over Lucky’s chest is like watching him get doused with a fire hose. Two excellent cumshots from two hot guys.


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