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Studio: EuroCreme
Directed by: Maxwell Barber
Year of Production / Release: 2012
Country of Production: Great Britain

Skylar Blu
Drew Brody
Luke Desmond
Josh Lee
Jordan R
Danny T
Lee Well

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These Graffiti spraying Rudeboiz have been Caught on Camera!! Stuffed full of tracksuit wearing Rudeboiz prowling the streets for their next crack den, filming their criminal activities and showing off their tight bodies to each other, they dare themselves to strip down as they spray the walls – their bad boy dicks twitching and soon rock solid!! Webcam shows turn into sordid sex fuelled sessions and a hot twink scally spying on his trainer sniffing chav flatmate all whilst been filmed by each other!! These Rudeboiz can’t help but get caught out, but once they are; there’s hell to pay, and it’s going to be long hard and very very rough!!

Bulldog Pit Maxwell Barber Young Brit Lad Gay Porn Stars fucking online Lee Well Justeen
SCENE 1: Lee Well fucks Justeen

Hunting around the streets of South London, tracksuits on, spray cans in pocket, these two young scally lads are on the hunt for their next blank canvas and secret crack den!! Breaking into an abandoned office block, it’s jackpot for these hung fuckers and they quickly get to work destroying the place. Posing in front of their creations, Lee gets his ass out, turning on his mate Justteen so much that he’s spun round and that huge dick is sucked dry!! Peeling off their hoodies and trackie bottoms, both lads show off their dicks to each other’s phone cameras, capturing the horny twink fucking forever! Handsome pretty boy Lee has the hottest dick, solid, low hanging balls and an appetite for ass, just what Justteen wants! Pulling a skanky mattress down, both holes gets a proper eating out, deep tongue fucking in amazing closeups make way for Lee to fuck his mate incessantly; these twinks have one hell of a lot of stamina and the ball slapping pounding Jus is given leaves him empty of boy juice, so Lee tops him up with a squirt in the face, all over that pretty mouth of his.

Bulldog Pit Maxwell Barber Young Brit Lad Gay Porn Stars fucking online
Drew Brodie & Justeen spit-roast / fuck Skylar Blu

Hanging out in his new sex den, Justteen can’t help but show off his latest break-in to his mates Drew and Skylar. Calling them over to chill with him and add to the masterpiece on the walls, the posing continues, snapping each other on their phones in the act, with horse hung black dude Drew slapping his meaty dick against Jus, eager for him to drop to his knees and it doesn’t take long!! Growing bigger and bigger until it can’t possibly get larger, Drew’s almighty dick is serviced by both of the cute lads, fighting over it and wanting it rammed down their throats. Some awesome cock and ball worship from these Rudeboiz just fuels Drew’s pent up sexual needs and blond boy Skylar is the focus of both lads in this spit-roasting ass stretching!! Skylar’s smooth tight ass his licked out, finger fucked and loosened enough for donkey dicked Drew to fuck hard, Skylar’s ass abused by both, sharing it between them until his face is truly coated in scally spunk!!

Bulldog Pit online Danny T Luke Desmond British Gay Porn stars fucking
SCENE 3: Danny T fucks Luke Desmond
When blond Danny interrupts hung Luke having a horny webcam sesh with a mate, he’d better make up for it. Coming over to share some tag pics with Luke, Danny is soon without trousers as the highly charged Luke is after only one thing, and from the massive bulge in his pants, we know what’s coming!! Both lads have massive dicks, Luke especially but Danny ain’t far behind. As they get hotter and hornier with each other, Danny’s hot hole is eaten first, moving to Luke’s as his horny little hole is prepped for Danny’s slab of meat to slide into him as he’s subjected to a nose full of trainer. As Luke’s tight little body slowly slides down Danny’s shaft, his own immense shaft bounces from his twinky torso and we’re treated not only to a close-up fucking but one of the hottest dicks on film wagging in front of our noses and Lukes hot six-pack tight with each thrust from Danny’s own big dick, all caught on these lads’ cameras, and we can see why; a damn hot fucking from two twinky scally lads culminating in Luke’s balls being covered in jizz and Danny’s face getting the brunt of Luke’s load.

Bulldog Pit Maxwell Barber Young Brit Lad Gay Porn Stars fucking online
SCENE 4: Josh Lee fucks Jordan R

Caught wanking by his flatmate, handsome Jordan is red-handed with a porno, beer and trainer sniffing by young lad Josh who at first is a bit unsure what to do with the brashness of his mate, dick still in hand and throbbing hard! Getting to his knees, the only thing he can do is to give him a hand, or a mouth to help him out! Sharing the cock sucking, Jordan and cute young Josh have a real horny time with each other, and when Jordan bends over and shows that smooth ass and damn sexy hole to Josh, we’re all in heaven!! The lucky lad gets to slowly slide into his blinged up mate, his tight body writhing as he bounces on top of Josh then lays back to take it all before getting one awesome facial from the teen rudeboi, dribbling his spunk over his chin before dumping his own wad over his smooth sixpack!!



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