Studio: Falcon Studios
Directed by: John Bruno
Year of Production / Release: 2008
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Matt Murdock [Patrick Bateman]
Roman Heart
Aden Jaric
Jordan Jaric
Noah River
Tyler Saint
Rusty Stevens

SCENE 1: Tyler Saint fucks the cum out of Roman Heart
SCENE 2: Jared fucks Rusty Stevens
SCENE 3: Matt Murdock [Patrick Bateman] fucks Noah River
SCENE 4: Aden Jaric fucks Jordan Jaric

Malibu’s now sizzling with eight hot Falcon men promising to raise the temperature even higher.
   A motor trip along the scenic Pacific Highway leads into Malibu Resort…the perfect spot for rest and relaxation, where the sex-driven staff is ready to heat things up, eager to cater to your every whim.

Roman Heart unwinds with a sensual pampering by the club’s hunky masseur. Tyler Saint knows how to soothe his client, kneading his flesh with a firm touch; his hands travelling up and down his body. Supposedly to erase any tension, the massage ends up stimulatiing both men. The therapist’s tongue soon works its own magic as it hungrily probes his customer’s asscrack. Tyler then starts sucking his cock and Roman can barely lay still. Feeling agitated, he wants more of Tyler than just hands and mouth; he wants the muscled stud’s meat. He sucks away, then lets Tyler fuck him hard until both men reach a happy ending and shoot their wads.

Tennis ace Rusty Stevens shows Jared how to swing his racquet with finesse and how to best hit the ball. The two jocks josh around, flirting a bit. The eager-to-satisfy coach checks out Jared’s equipment and soon his mouth is running all over his student’s cock and balls. The pair are lost in their own private love match. One is on the offensive, the other defense, sucking dick and eating ass. The action goes back and forth until Jared skewers Rusty with his thick prick and fucks him with champion strokes. Then it’s “Game, Set and Match” as both men climax and score big.

Staff members Matt Murdock and Noah River work hard at hardly working. The two turn a car washing gig into a hearty session of watersports play as they hose each other down. Completely drenched and all sexed-up, they strip off their clothes and start to guzzle each other’s meaty hose. The intense sexual chemistry and just feeling antsy drive their appetites for more cock to suck and ass to eat. Aching to be fucked, Noah surrenders his manhole to Matt. They screw hard and fast, then surprise each other with gobs of spooge.

When Aden first arrived at Malibu Resort, he noticed another guest – handsome blond Jordan. The attraction was mutual and a connection inevitable. It’s obvious the men complement each other. They kiss, touch and fondle each other with an easy familiarity. They are completely in synch sucking cock and rimming ass. Then Aden takes charge, mounts Jordan and – for the first time caught on video – fucks his partner’s hole with gentle yet forceful thrusts. Jordan is delirious with the assault on his virgin ass and soon unloads, not just once but twice. Aden responds in kind, leaving both men completely wasted and satisfied.


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