smutjunkies Hot Naked Men Corbin Fisher Amateur College Men

Studio: Corbin Fisher’s
Directed by: Corbin Fisher
Year of Production / Release: 2010
Country of Production: U.S.A.


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smutjunkies Hot Naked Men Corbin Fisher Amateur College Men

Dark-haired and tanned, Marc is an outdoor stud who’s usually on some kind of board – skate, wake or snow. Now he’s getting onboard with his CF education!
   He’s almost 21, but doesn’t have any major plans for the big birthday celebration, except to kick it with his friends. I can think of a few plans he could make! Marc’s voice is deep and has a nice gravelly tone, that makes everything sound even sexier. And with that body and face, if he gets any sexier, I’m not sure the camera can take it.
   Marc’s first time was with a girl when he was 17. He knew she was “pretty slutty,” and was at a school dance with her that night, but they didn’t hook up again after that. He’s single now, but has an ex-girlfriend who he still fucks pretty regularly.
   They’ll fuck every day for one or two weeks, then get pissed off, and not talk for a couple of weeks, then hook back up again. “It’s kind of off and on like that,” Marc laughs.
   Marc likes tan girls with nice asses and green or blue eyes. Hair color doesn’t matter that much to him, but he likes girls with good teeth. Marc’s favorite position is missionary, and when he’s with a girl, he likes when they talk dirty. So clean teeth but a dirty mouth is the way to this stud’s heart!
   He told us the funny story of the first time he jerked off when he was in sixth grade. Marc wasn’t sure what to expect and he was nervous. He also thought he might be too young and was afraid he might “mess something up.” But once he came for the first time, he never looked back. He doesn’t jerk off too much these days. His ex girlfriend keeps the pump primed for him and it doesn’t look like he has any trouble getting laid.
   He works out at least four times a week and his back and abs are flat-out amazing. He gets the most compliments on those, but Marc feels his best feature is definitely his back. He flexes both for us, and I’d call it a tie!
   But there’s some other body parts to check out! We have to hurry as we’re losing light in the late afternoon. He strokes his hot cock, and pinches his nipple as he jerks. Those abs flex and he breathes heavily as he strokes his dick.
   He gets on his knees and shoots his load all over a towel. His big cockhead is soaked with cum and he rubs it in. It was an intense scene and he smiles as he tells us he was thinking of “that one girl.” Can’t wait to see more of him!

smutjunkies Hot Naked Men Corbin Fisher Amateur College Men


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