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Marc Dylan Cameron Foster AJ Monroe Ricky Sinz Jacob Durham Angel Rock Jackson Klein Lucky Daniels Trevor Knight ANTHONY'S WEENER

Studio: Jet Set
Directed by: Chris Steele
Year of Production / Release: 2011
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Lucky Daniels
Jacob Durham
Marc Dylan
Cameron Foster
Jackson Klein
Trevor Knight
AJ Monroe
Angel Rock
Ricky Sinz

Starring Lucky Daniels as Congressman Wheiner and Jet Set Exclusive Angel Rock as right wing blogger Andrew Breitpart with Ricky Sinz as Speaker Bohner and Marc Dylan as Senator David Litter! This parody is sure to rock the halls of Capitol Hill. Also starring Jacob Durham, Jackson Klein, AJ Monroe, Cameron Foster and Trevor Knight as former Senator Harry Craig.

SCENE 1: Jacob Durham & Ricky Sinz
Speaker of The House, John Boehner, played by Ricky Sinz, requests that one of his colleagues send over incriminating photos of Congressman Wheiner by courier. When the muscular stud Boehner meets his cute courier he decides that even though he wants to avoid being in the sex scandal that he will have to indulge in Jacob’s sweet ass. Tattooed Sinz bends innocent Jacob over his desk and plows the hell out of him. Now that’s how you relieve the pressure in dirty DC!

SCENE 2: Marc Dylan, AJ Monroe & Cameron Foster
Marc Dylan stars as Senator David Litter in the upcoming Jet Set Men XXX Parody ANTHONY’S WEENER. In between working hard to ensure the public sees explicit photos of Whiener, Litter hangs out with rentboy AJ Monroe at his house. They pair order up dinner that is promptly delivered by handsome blond muscle jock Cameron Foster. Rather than have pizza Marc and AJ quickly strip the blond stud down and have their way with him and his hot blond ass in this hot three-way.

SCENE 3: Trevor Knight & Jackson Klein
In this scene from ANTHONY’S WEENER, Trevor Knight plays Former Senator Harry Craig and he’s on a mission to visit gay porn superstar Jimmy Mycles on the set of his newest movie where he’s delivering a big stack of cash in exchange for nude photos of Congressman Wheiner. After insisting he’s not gay the former Senator gives in and has his way with superhung cute young Jimmy Mycles played by newcomer Jackson Klein.

SCENE 4: Lucky Daniels & Angel Rock
Lucky Daniels stars as embattled Congressman Anthony Wheiner in the upcoming parody ANTHONY’S WEENER. After the dust settles from his twitpic drama, Wheiner goes out in search of cock at the local bathhouse. Little does he know the big uncut dick he finds on the other side of the gloryhole belongs to right wing blogger Andrew Britepart, the guy who sent his photos to Radio-Online and caused his resignation. From the looks of things all is forgiven and forgotten in the end. It’s amazing what big dicks can do in DC politics.

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