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Studio: Corbin Fisher’s
Directed by: Corbin Fisher
Year of Production / Release: 2010
Country of Production: U.S.A.


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smutjunkies Hot Naked Men Corbin Fisher Amateur College Men

Trey’s been in a lot of hot scenes with a lot of hot guys on CF. And he usually connects with them pretty intensely. But whether it was Marc’s thick cock, his muscular body or his gorgeous face, I’ve never seen Trey connect with a guy quite like this!
   Trey kisses Marc while straddling him. He tells Marc how sensual he is. Even as the clothes start coming off, their passionate kisses continue. I don’t want to spoil Trey’s fun, but I start to wonder if he’s going to do anything but kiss this hot stud!
   He rubs Marc’s ripped abs, kisses and licks his nipples. “Awesome stomach,” he compliments Marc. Trey kisses every abdominal muscle, then kisses Marc’s massive shoulders.
   As much as it seems like Trey is digging Marc, it goes the same for Marc! Marc responds to Trey intensely, kissing him just as passionately. His stiff cock pokes out from his jeans and underwear, and Trey deepthroats it. “You’re fucking sexy, dude,” Trey says, in between mouthfuls of cock.
   Trey slaps Marc’s cock against his tongue and Marc can’t stop moaning as he sticks his dick back down Trey’s throat. Trey gets up and his own long cock can barely be contained by his jeans! Marc takes it out and for someone fairly new to guy/guy action, swallows it like a pro.
   Trey seems amazed by how good a cocksucker Marc is. He is loving the blowjob, and at one point yells, “Suck my fucking dick, yeah!” He pulls back and teases Marc’s mouth, then pushes it back in so Marc can suck it some more.
   On all fours on the edge of the bed, Trey’s ready for Marc’s dick. Or so he thinks! Marc slides it in and Trey gasps. “Big hard dick!” he exclaims. “I didn’t realize how wide your cock was until now,” he says, panting.
   Marc fucks him slowly, pushing his big hands against Trey’s bubble butt to shove it in deep. He fucks Trey rhythmically, his hips and perfect, muscled ass grinding up against Trey’s butt. He smacks Trey’s ass. Trey bites down on the comforter, as Marc’s thick cock splits him wide open.
    Trey can’t stop moaning with pleasure. “Tease my hole, pull out and play with it,” he begs Marc. Marc teases him for a minute, then flips him over into the missionary position. He pounds away and tells Trey how tight it is. Trey laughs and says it’s because he’s so big.
   They kiss again. “Watching you fuck me is so fucking hot,” he tells Marc. Trey is into Marc like no one I’ve seen him be with before, and it makes the scene even hotter.
   They go back to doggy-style, Trey’s face buried in the bed. He starts to yell as he shoots a thick load of cum on the bed, his yells turning to whimpers. He tells Marc to keep fucking him.
   Marc does and says he’s about to cum. He pulls out and sprays Trey’s ass with his cum. It drips down Trey’s ass, who laughs and says it feels like “a sea back there.” Marc wipes the cum into Trey’s ass with his dick head and Trey says “That’s dirty.” They laugh and kiss again.
   I hope I can pry them away from each other to pair them up with other guys!

smutjunkies Hot Naked Men Corbin Fisher Amateur College Men


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