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Studio: Corbin Fisher’s
Directed by: Corbin Fisher
Year of Production / Release: 2012
Country of Production: U.S.A.


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smutjunkies Hot Naked Men Corbin Fisher Amateur College Men

How did Steve go all this time without getting fucked? I decided I had to rectify that immediately. But who should fuck him? We have a lot of great tops.
   I sometimes wish everyone could come hang out during the shoots and meet some of our guys. We really have a great crew of people and Steve ranks up there as one of the nicest and most easy-going. Whenever he’s in a group of people, he keeps the conversation and the jokes going. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him say anything negative, unless he’s playfully cracking on one of the other guys.
   Marc is a little more introspective. He usually has his headphones on and he studies a lot. I don’t think I could study that much with all these shirtless hot studs running around. Marc is pretty serious though. However, he often surprises me. I tease him pretty mercilessly sometimes (especially right before his dom scene with Ashley) and he just waits for the right moment to fire back a great one-liner.
   Outgoing or introspective, though – once they get in bed, they’re both intense. Since Steve had somehow missed getting fucked the last time he was here, I sicced Marc on him – and the results were hot.
   Steve shows off his biceps a little and Marc worships them his mouth. Marc feeds Steve his cock, which Steve gulps down greedily. Marc eats out Steve’s ass and slides a finger into his hole, prepping him for his first fuck.
   Marc shoves his thick cock into Steve and fucks him doggy-style. Steve jerks his cock and tells Marc to fuck his ass. He’s loving Marc’s dick in his ass! Marc pounds Steve faster.
   Steve lies flat on his stomach as Marc continues to fuck him. Steve flips over and gets nailed in the missionary position. Marc fucks a thick load out of Steve! Cum just keeps spraying all over his abs.
   Marc stands up and blasts his load into Steve’s mouth. Steve sucks him dry. Steve tells Marc how much he loved it and the guys kiss again, cum slowly dripping down Steve’s stomach.

smutjunkies Hot Naked Men Corbin Fisher Amateur College Men


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