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Studio: Jet Set Compilation
Directed by: Various
Year of Production / Release: 2011
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Mason Alexander
Patrick Bateman
Cody Carter
Jason Crystal / Kay
Derrek Diamond
Austin Grant
Josh Griffin
Dayton O’Connor
Cidd Pierce
Jason Pitt
Ryan Rockford
Marcus Steele
Dylan Wood

DVD is a Compilation of Online Only presentations available at
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On-Line Only Presentation

Jet Set Exclusive Marcus Steele shows off his sexy body and his undeniable True Southern MOJO in this new DVD collector’s edition featuring the best scenes Marcus Steele filmed while at Jet Set Men. Starring Jet Set Exclusive Marcus Steele, Jason Pitt, Dylan Wood, Derrick Diamond, Patrick Bateman, Ryan Rockford, Mason Alexander, Cody Carter, Cidd Pierce, Austin Grant, Josh Griffin, Dayton O’Connor and the insatiable Jason Crystal.

SCENE 1: Marcus Steele, Dylan Wood & Jason Pitt
Muscular stud Marcus Steele slides out of the water and pulls his suit down to stroke his big dick. Dylan swims up to check him out. He gets out of the water also and goes down on Marcus’s thick tool, sucking and jacking himself off at the same time. Marcus then takes a turn on Dylan’s dick, giving him head while stroking his own. He stands up and kisses him, grabbing both their cocks, squeezing and jacking them together. Jason, a blond tousle-haired young man, arrives on the scene just as Dylan is about ready to fuck Marcus. Marcus encourages Jason to join the party and gives him head while being fucked. Then Marcus takes a turn fucking Jason, spread eagle on his back, as Dylan hold his legs aloft. Jason does double duty as he sucks Dylan from beneath while getting topped by Marcus. Both Dylan and Marcus shoot their loads on Jason, and then he cums as well. By the scene’s end, one has a pretty good idea why guys would come to this particular pool to play. The water slide is only one of the attractions.

SCENE 2: Marcus Steele, Ryan Rockford & Mason Alexander
Adam’s third piece of advice is, “give ‘em beer, and lots of it!”. Marcus, Mason and Ryan are sitting around the table playing a game of quarters and drinking beers. Marcus comes on sexually to Ryan, but he says, “I’m not gay. Never have been gay.” To which Marcus counters, “There’s a first time for everything.” Their game has gotten boring, so they start a game of “gay chicken” – seeing how close they can come to going down on a hard dick, without actually doing it. They’re all strip to their jockeys. Ryan resists taking Marcus’s hard dick, but Mason gives in and actually goes down on Ryan, sucking on the super-hung stud. Marcus is sitting on the sofa and jacking off – just watching the action. “I know that feels good”, he enthuses. Both guys then converge on Marcus, with Ryan shoving his thick dick in Marcus’s mouth and Mason giving him head. Mason also sucks a bit on Ryan, who then joins Mason in sucking on Marcus. Marcus moves to fuck Mason as he’s sucking on Ryan, who’s standing on the couch and straddling Mason. Mason, who is stroking his own dick while getting his ass pounded, stands up and flips over to continue getting fucked by Marcus as he now sucks on Ryan. Then Marcus switches to fuck Ryan while Mason, who’s now sitting on the floor beneath the action, is jacking himself and “milking” Ryan at the same time. Mason shoots a load of cum, and then Marcus pulls out of Ryan’s ass to cum on him. Ryan jacks off and cums over Mason, with Marcus kissing and hugging him from the rear. The beer didn’t exactly make them do it, but it certainly did help.

SCENE 3: Marcus Steele & Jason Crystal
Jet Set Exclusive Marcus Steele takes a break from studying and gives Jason Crystal’s hot ass a thick juicy dick injection. Hunky Jason squeals and squirms but takes it up the butt right on the teacher’s desk anyway. Talk about detention!

SCENE 4: Marcus Steele, Cody Carter, Cidd Pierce & Austin Grant
Not everyone is so lucky at finding exactly what they want. Some hook-ups work and some don’t. Muscular jock Marcus is discovered kneeling on a bed, set up in a “jail-like” area, with Cody on the other side of the bars. For the moment, everyone has their clothes back on, but with their dicks out. At first Marcus works on Cody’s big cock through the bars. And then Austin joins Cody on his side. The two begin to make out, and Marcus turns his attention to Austin’s dick. Cody then takes over blowing Austin. Clothes are coming off, as Marcus is now working on both the guys at once. Cidd now shows up next to Cody and Austin, and Marcus works on him as well. He’s like a kid in a candy store, not knowing whom to suck on next. Being “dicktimized,” Marcus loves big dicks and would like to have them all in his mouth at once, and up his ass as well. He pushes his pants down and turns his back to the bars, and the three all grab and fondle his ass and body. There is no door in this mock jail, so the three come around the bars to join Marcus and “pants” him. They lead him over to a nearby sling and settle him in it. They’re ready to give him just what he wants – all three of their dicks up his ass, one by one. They gather around Marcus lying in the sling, sucking his dick, his ass, and his nipples—taking turns at getting him hard and ready for a group fuck. Marcus kisses one guy, and then sucks another’s dick, while the others keep going down on his dick and rimming his ass. Austin is the first to shove it in. “Oh shit” and “oh fuck” is all he can say, as the guys’ dicks go pounding in and out of his smooth ass. Cody is number two at getting “some of that ass”, and Cidd – with the biggest of those big dicks – comes last. Round two starts with Austin again slamming into him and fucking him, followed by Cody. Then Austin returns to give him still more, followed this time by Cidd with his incredible dick. Cody comes back to give Marcus’s ass another shot, followed again by Cidd, easing his way in. Austin takes another turn, as does Cody. Finally all fucked out and ready to cum, they all jack off over Marcus’s well-used body. Cidd lets fly a generous load. Then Cody shoots his out of the ballpark, and Austin contributes more liquid to the pool of cum gathering on Marcus’s muscular torso. He’s the last to let loose, but he is certainly ready to let it go.

SCENE 5: Marcus Steele & Josh Griffin
Marcus Steele narrates our way through the sex-for-cars scam. We see try to put a “long con” into play by repeatedly denying sexy blue eyed Dayton O’Connor his car and adding fees daily, but O’Connor refuses to take the bait. Instead, Steele kicks off the sex ransom scheme by manhandling muscle boy Josh Griffin into just enough anger frustration that Griffin reluctantly gives in to Steele’s demands to suck his rock hard cock. From there, it’s only a short drive to anal town as Steele pushes Griffin onto his desk, slamming his stick shift into Griffin’s muscular butt as Griffin bangs his head on the desk and even onto a fax machine, all in the service of getting that car back. Head bumped and butt fucked, his car keys are now his again.

SCENE 6: Marcus Steele, Derrek Diamond & Patrick Bateman
Early morning at the house, Marcus Steele is fixing bacon and eggs on an outdoor grill. But before he gets to eat, scruffy-faced stud Derrek Diamond comes by to get his cock sucked – their version of early morning exercises. Marcus complains that he didn’t get any sleep due to Derrek pounding his butt all night, but he goes down on him anyway. Patrick is dozing on a lounge a few steps down in another part of the large open patio. He sees what the two are up to and likes what he sees. He pushes his shorts down to play with his own stiffening dick and jacks off as he watches. Marcus continues sucking on Derrek while stroking his own meat as well. Marcus notices Patrick watching them and goes over to give him a little head as well. Derrek, not one to be deserted, is right behind him, and jacks off while watching Marcus go down on Patrick. Derrek’s hard-on has done nothing but grow huge, so Marcus goes back to him again, now leaving Patrick to watch and jack off some more. Marcus pulls down his shorts, so that Derrek can service him as well. After a while, Derrek switches to sucking on Patrick, then back to Marcus, once again to Patrick and then back again to Marcus. Marcus indulges in a bit of payback for Derrek’s activity the night before by getting him to kneel on an ottoman and letting him pound his ass. Patrick gets up to watch this and jack off. It’s his turn next to fuck Derrek, while Derrek sucks on Marcus. Derrek then flips over to take Patrick missionary-style up his ass and at the same time suck on Marcus from below – his head thrust back. Derrek grabs Marcus’s hot ass and pulls his dick into his throat, effectively ‘spit-roasting’ himself. Suddenly Marcus wants to get fucked again, so Patrick switches condoms and goes up his butt to accommodate him. Derrek, taking it all in, jacks off. Marcus shoots, then Derrek shoots on Marcus, leaving Patrick to propel a long shot over Marcus.

SCENE 7: Marcus Steele & Conner O’Riley
Alone in his office, Coach Steele is getting chewed out on the phone by the college President as water boy Conner O’Reily taunts him, showing off his ass in the locker room next store to distract the horny coach. Coach ends the call and calls over O’Reily, whom he is quickly slapping in the butt. The muscular Coach takes total control over the boy, slam fucking him on the desk. Coach gets his boy every way he wants, including an incredible mid-air fuck that will have you gasping for breath.

SCENE 8: Marcus Steele & Dayton O’Connor
Demonstrating that patience can overcome virtue, Steele encounters a weary O’Connor for the third time. Without money and therefore unable to pay his mounting repo fees, an angry O’Connor finally and reluctantly relents. Steele then cashes in, making him suck his cock and fucking his ass in no time. But O’Connor has his own plan, managing to flip Steele over and fucking Steele’s ass so he, too, can get some satisfaction. O’Connor wins his car back despite the flip fuck, as Steele tells the viewer that, in the end, having patience will get you anything you want in a world where waiting is the worst thing of all to endure.


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