Hot House MASTERPIECE Ethan Wolfe Alex Collack Johnny Gunn Ethan Grant Kai Ford Nick Moretti Ross Hurston Slade Ty LeBeouf

Studio: Hot House
Directed by: Steven Scarborough
Year of Production / Release: 2008
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Alex Collack
Kai Ford
Ethan Grant
Johnny Gunn
Ross Hurston
Ty LeBeouf
Nick Moretti
Ethan Wolfe

New Hot House sensation Ethan Wolfe wields enormous star power in Masterpiece, the latest great opus from artisan director Steven Scarborough. Step into this steamy Hot House gallery where chiseled, perfectly sculpted men engage in wild lust-driven sex in front of stunning larger-than-life backdrops. So grab your ticket to an astonishing XXX performance art installation that has all the critics raving: Masterpiece – the hottest show in town!

Hot House MASTERPIECE Johnny Gunn fucks Alex Collack
SCENE 1: Johnny Gunn fucks Alex Collack

Tattooed real-life works of art Alex Collack and Johnny Gunn defy the imagination with their rock-hard abs, bulging biceps, full, round asses, and extremely large cocks. Using their rugged hands and expert tongues the masculine duo explore every inch of each other’s gym-toned bodies. Collack opens his hole, ordering Gunn to shove all 8+ inches of his fat tool in deep. With the grace of an olympic swimmer Gunn rides Collack, working his cock until they both explode.

Hot House MASTERPIECE Slade fucks Kai Ford
SCENE 2: Slade fucks Kai Ford

The Gallery show continues with two perfectly defined, smooth, young studs, Kai Ford and Slade. They take center stage for a sizzling-hot 69 involving a lot of ball sucking, deep-throat action. Slade strokes his heavy cock as he eats Ford’s hole, preparing him for a hard ass pounding. Ford flips him over and jumps on for an artful reverse cowboy. Slade’s jackhammer technique leaves them both drained and exhausted as the scene comes to an end..

Hot House MASTERPIECE Nick Moretti fucks Ethan Grant; Ross Hurston and Nick Moretti flip-fuck
SCENE 3: Nick Moretti fucks Ethan Grant; Ross Hurston and Nick Moretti flip-fuck

A triptych of chiseled flesh comes alive, a smooth, young bottom worships two men from head to toe, Hurston and Moretti strip out of their jocks, Grant expertly services their huge cocks. Moretti mounts Grant and plows him so deep he cums without touching himself. Ending with the versatile Hurston and Moretti as they flip-flop fuck until all three artist shoot huge loads.

Hot House MASTERPIECE Ethan Wolfe and Ty LeBeouf flip-fuck
SCENE 4: Ethan Wolfe and Ty LeBeouf flip-fuck

Ethan Wolfe pops an enormous boner after watching Ty LeBeouf gyrate his beautiful jock-strapped butt on stage. Ethan’s hunger gets the best of him as he devours Ty’s cock and then his tasty pink hole. Ty takes his turn on Ethan’s huge cock deep throating it numerous times getting it ready for his asshole. “FUCK” is all Ty can say as Ethan pounds away. Ethan gets his turn on Ty’s milky white dick bouncing on it until they both climax and collapse in a kiss in this final scene of Masterpiece. See the entire XXX scene online now exclusively in the Hot House Backroom.


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With extensive additional photography from every scene.

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