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smutjunkies Film Library Simon Booth

Studio: Hard Brit Lads online
Directed by: Simon Booth
Year of Production / Release: 2011
Country of Production: Great Britain

Darius Ferdynand
Matt Richie

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smutjunkies Film Library Simon Booth

Stunning bottom boy Darius has a very passionate session with handsome, muscled Matt Richie, in this super hot scene. Both lads have big uncut 8 inch cocks and great bodies – Blonde, blue eyed Darius is lithe and athletic, whereas dark tattooed Matt is more well built. And his dick is thick too.
   By the window in the bedroom of an old farmhouse, with huge old wooden beams, the lads begin with lots of sensual kissing, immediate chemistry, their big dicks are already solid in their shiny sports shorts, and they rub and squeeze each others bulges in anticipation of whats to come. Darius takes off his vest, revealing his stunning body, tight pecs and ripped abs, and Matt licks his nipples while rubbing his hardon, before removing his own top. His pecs are bigger and beefier, and Darius sucks and licks his nipples for a bit, then reaches inside Matts shorts, to release his throbbing juicy cock.
   Darius gets down on his knees and opens his mouth wide, taking Matts fat dick into his mouth, sucking on the end, pulling his foreskin back, and slowly going deeper and deeper, and manages to get most of it down. Darius sucks slow and sensual, with lots of licking, getting Matts cock nice and wet, jerking him off, licking the end, and then speeding up a bit. It gets a little more forceful as Matt fucks his face a bit. Very hot.
   He stands up again, and the lads kiss, and Matt reaches for Darius cock, which is straining to get out, and takes down his shorts, allowing it to spring out, and they jerk each other off a bit, before moving over to the bed.
   Darius lays on his back, holding his big throbbing dick up, whilst Matt lays on his side, next him, jerking himself off with one hand and taking hold of Darius cock with the other. Matt starts to suck, and he sucks deep, pretty much the whole way down. He sucks passionately, hard, fast, with great oral skills. Darius clearly loves is, his cock really throbs as he gets sucked, and Matt clearly loves to suck deep too.
   Next, Matt lays on his back, with his head back over the edge of the bed, and Darius kneels over him, in a 69 type position, and pushes his cock deep into Matts throat. This time it goes right down to his balls and Matt forces his head right up into Darius crotch, his cock going seriously deep, deep down into his throat. He deepthroats Darius again and again, and Darius does some more sucking of Matts solid girthy dick too, this time managing to get deeper as well.
   After the incredible 69 action, Darius moves forward a little, and Matt grabs his butt cheeks, pulls them wide apart and starts to lick his arse, getting it really wet and then pushing his tongue right in. Seriously hot.
   Matt lays on his back, holding his dick up, and Darius squats over it, and gradually allows the full thickness to stretch open his hole, and slowly eases himself down inch by inch, till it fills him completely. He gets used to it for a second, then slowly begins to slide himself up and down the thick fuck pole, making his cock throb and twitch. Matt holds his arse firmly and begins thrusting into him, slowly at first, but gradually getting harder and faster, till he is giving him a real hard fuck. Darius is never less than rock solid.
   Next, Darius is on all fours, his perfect hairless hole facing the camera, and Matt pushes his cock slowly into his arse, and begins fucking slow. He pulls his butt cheeks wide apart and starts to fuck harder, then leans his body back, and allows Darius to push back, grinding his hungry arse against Matts throbbing cock, fucking himself with it. Matt fucks him even harder now, really pounding him.
   Finally, Darius is on his back on the edge of the bed, his head and back on the floor, legs wide apart, as Matt pushes his dick into him once more. He grips him firmly and fucks him with deep, long strokes. Darius holds his throbbing cock, and begins to jerk himself off as he gets fucked, and Matt continues with long strokes, hitting the spot, till Darius shoots his load, his cum spraying out over his tight six pack.
   Matt pulls out and quickly starts wanking his solid cock, and shoots loads of hot white spunk all over Darius, covering him with it. A very passionate scene.

smutjunkies Film Library Simon Booth


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