Michael Lucas Entertainment MEN IN SUITS Michael Lucas Entertainment MEN IN SUITS
Studio: Lucas Entertainment
Directed by: Michael Lucas and Mr. Pam
Year of Production / Release: 2011
Country of Production: U.S.A.

R.J. Alexander
Jeremy Bilding
Steven Daigle
Conner Habib
Adam Killian
Cavin Knight
John Magnum
Arpad Miklos
Ryan Patrick
Alessio Romero

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In the premiere of Lucas Entertainment’s new series GENTLEMEN we explored the slick look, the polished feel, and the masculine smell and taste of an executive man dressed in a tailored suit. These commanding professionals are powerful, aggressive and fuck with a purpose. When the workday is over these bosses knows how to play. Watch as the distinguished men show who is in charge as they suck, rim and fuck with authority! (less)

SCENE 1: Adam Killian and Cavin Knight
online: 17 January 2011

SCENE 2: Jeremy Bilding and John Magnum
online: 24 January 2011

SCENE 3: Arpad Miklos fucks Steven Daigle
online: 31 January 2011
Our two distinguished executives first share passing glances on the street outside and immediately recognize a shared sexual chemistry that has yet to be explored. It doesn’t take long for them to move their engagement to a more intimate location. Steven Daigle soon has Arpad Miklo’s uncut cock jammed down his experienced throat and Arpad doesn’t hesitate to return the favor. As the guys proceed to aggressively work over each other’s bodies, the clothes slowly come off. As the passion intensifies, Steven finds himself bent over presenting his sweet hole as Arpad ferociously devours it. Once Steven has been primed and loosened, Arpad shoves his huge, meaty cock inside Steven’s tight hole while Steven shouts and moans with absolute delight at every thrust. After receiving sound jack-hammering, Steven spews his hot seed all over his own chest and can’t help but steal a taste. When Arpad has had his fill of Steven’s hole, he jerks his meat and busts all over Steven and the two finish off with a kiss. Don’t miss a second of these guys as they show us how a true distinguished gentleman operates.

SCENE 4: Ryan Patrick and RJ Alexander
online: 07 February 2011


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