Falcon Studios Massive Studio Falcon Studios Massive Studio
Studio: Massive Studio
Directed by: John Bruno
Year of Production / Release: 2010
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Rod Daily
Drake Jaden
John Magnum
Hunter Marx
Sniper Marx
Samuel O’Toole
Alessio Romero
Sean Stavos
Mark Talon
Tom Wolfe

DVD Compilation Release of online presentations.

Six scenes featuring the Men of Massive Studio who settle down before the camera losing their inhibitions as they shed their clothes. Join Alessio Romero, Tom Wolfe, Hunter Marx, Rod Daily, Sniper Marx, Drake Jaden, Sean Stavos, Mark Talon, John Magnum and Samuel O’Toole in the 18th volume in a sizzling series of memorably massive encounters.

Falcon Studios Massive Studio
Shrink-wrapped, that’s just how we like our men delivered! Just kidding! This setup has Alessio Romero under cellophane, wanking away. He finally breaks out of his plastic cocoon — dick-first, freeing himself to masturbate in the open. His frame is wiry, muscly and covered with tats, making him look somewhat dangerous and unpredictable. He then steps out of his jockstrap and lays back in a sling with his legs stretched apart and his fuzzy asshole winking at the camera. He fingerfucks himself a bit, jerks himself off some more, and wraps his balls in a tight leather strap. And targetting his poop chute is a big dildo on a mechanical pole. It’s soon put into play and automatically snakes in and out of his tight crack. Every churning thrust up his manhole excites Alessio until he can’t take anymore. He finally disengages himself from the robotic fucker and finishes himself off by hand. You’ve gotta check this hot solo jackoff. Alessio is one cool dude, with and without his toys!

Falcon Studios Massive Studio
You don’t ever wanna cross someone like Tom Wolfe ‘cuz he’s such a tough guy … or at least that’s the piss’n’vinegar personal he projects. When he found out he was gonna fuck around with Drake Jaden, his sneer and the mischievous twinkle in his eye unnerved me a bit making me wonder if the smaller jock would be up to the challenge. But my fears were allayed once they were let loose on a soon-to-be sweat-soaked mattress. After drowning each other with passionate mankisses, they started to satisfy their rabid hunger for cock and ass. Their amazing display of frenzied lust is one for the books! I tell ya, Drake matched Tom lick for lick and blow for blow before he rolled over to get fucked up the ass — fast and furious — by his predatory and ecstatic cohort.

Falcon Studios Massive Studio
Mark Talon is Hot Muscle Love and he sure makes me smile! I set the scene up where this gorgeous stud plays a big sweaty construction worker taking his lunch break. Mark appears a bit nervous at first; his movements are kinda jerky. But who cares when he’s rockin’ his sublime body, grabbing his cock … and our attention? As he gets more into the scene, more into character, his nerves settle down and he goes whole hog, delivering an exciting performance. With his big hands kneading his big sausage and maintaining its full erection throughout, he gets all sweaty and anxious until he finally “goes postal” across his ripped stomach!

Falcon Studios Massive Studio
When something’s labeled magnum, that means it’s larger than normal … and John Magnum is proof positive! I matched Sean Stavos up with him for this episode of “Sex and the Workplace” because the muscly dark-hired stud was eager to take John on. The two of them are quite convincing playing two horny warehousemen taking a break to lunch on each other’s hot dogs. Sean then laps his buddy’s asshole a bit driving the buzz-cut blond nuts. John responds by ramming his big thick cock up Sean’s ass. He screws him hard and fast until they each deliver a blast of cum.

Falcon Studios Massive Studio
Rod Daily, Hunter Marx and Sniper Marx play co-workers who discover that slaving together in close quarters has its benefits. Sniper proves how good a cocksucker he is as he opens wide and deepthroats Hunter’s meatpole. Rod soon joins in to show his oral skills are just as good. Then he stands back to let Hunter and Sniper work their macho mojo on him. They suck his dick getting him all worked up before they take turns fucking him at both ends. Rod busts his nut and splits, leaving Hunter and Sniper to finish themselves off and carry on carousing until they each climax and cum.

Falcon Studios Massive Studio
Movin’ big heavy boxes around all day can get pretty boring so it’s clear why Samuel O’Toole decides to take a little break. He whips out his tool and quickly gets to work on his hefty horsedick to break the monotony … That’s the set-up and I gotta tell you, there’s not much more to explain: Sam is The Man! I really enjoyed this shoot because Samuel is so fucking hot. I was getting a tent in my shorts just watching him let loose! This gorgeous slab of meat left me slack-jawed, sticky and wet! And I’ll bet you’ll be feeling likewise!


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