Massive Studio Tristan Jaxx Jake Dakota Justin Riddick Massive Studio Tristan Jaxx Jake Dakota Justin Riddick

Studio: Massive Studio
Directed by: John Bruno
Year of Production / Release: 2008
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Joey [Mikey Camin] Jake Dakota
Gabe Grant
Conner Habib
Tristan Jaxx
Justin Riddick
Tyler Riggz
Jack Slong
Johnny Wallace / Johnny Donovan
Josh West

Eight scenes featuring the Men of Massive Studio who settle down before the camera losing their inhibitions as they shed their clothes. Join Jake Dakota, Jack Slong, Justin Riddick, Gabe Grant, Conner Habib, Tristan Jaxx, Joey, Tyler Riggz, Josh West, Moose, and Johnny Wallace in the sixth volume of a sizzling series of memorably massive encounters.

Joey is a hot Italian man from Boston. His intense blue eyes could seduce just about any guy with a pulse. Joey is pure sex. The second his pants were off his cock was hard. He just couldn’t wait to get naked and jerk off for me. Now that is my kind of guy.

I love it when I am able to bring together 2 total sex pigs and I can just sit back and let them go at it! This shoot was so easy because Johnny and Josh were so hot for each other. Watch the sparks fly between these 2 studs. Johnny may not have the best body, but he’s got one of the most beautiful cocks I have ever seen. And his hot straight ass just loves a big dick shoved in it! Josh West takes command of Johnny’s bubble ass and tears him a new hole in this incredible scene. Enjoy!

On on trip to Georgia, I ran into Jack, a former Marine. His ultimate fantasy is to be in porn. So I was happy to help his dream come true. Even if it was only a jerk off video. Jack has an easy going attitude and nice hard cock to boot! I dig those kick ass tattoos he sports.

Two of the hottest MEN in porn these days are Tristan Jaxx and Tyler Riggz. I was lucky enough to direct Tristan in his first several videos when he was an exclusive for Falcon Studios. The biggest and most impressive thing about Mr. Jaxx is his incredible cum shots. They are only comparable to Old Faithful…Tristan’s squirting loads just keep cuming and cuming…It’s a site to behold. Poor Tyler Riggz had a tough time taking Tristan’s big cock up his ass. But eventually his hole loosened up and he took a good pounding from Tristan!

Gabe is a furry little man cub that I met one year at IML. He kind of reminds me of the singer Chris Daughtry. I asked him if he wanted to do a video and he told me to call him in 2 months. So the time passed and I called Gabe. In 2 weeks I was shooting him in his first solo. Gabe also appeared in “Hard Mechanics 3.” The interesting thing about Gabe, is that his orgasms are so intense that he has to be laying down when he comes. I wish mine were that intense.

Josh West has become a major porn star over the last year and it’s to see why when you take one look at his rockin body, handsome face and huge ass cock! Conner Habib is a fresh new kid on the porn block. He looks innocent but Conner’s far, far from it. He’s a dirty little dude with insatiable appetite for cock. I pretty much made Conner’s dream come true. He had been dying to work with Josh ever since he watched Mr. West’s first video. There was a ton of chemistry between these guys during the shoot. They pretty much kept the action going between takes. But Conner’s tight hole was not ready for Josh’s big thick meat. It took about 30 minutes for Josh to finally get inside of Conner. But it was well worth the wait.

Justin Riddick solo

This is the second scene Massive Discovery Moose did for me. When I asked Moose whom he wanted to make his hardcore sex debut with, he simply replied “Jake Dakota”. There was no hesitation. I love man who knows exactly what he wants. Moose was a little bit nervous, but Jake quickly made him forget about the camera and lights. These two furry muscle bears worked up a huge sweat during their scene. Moose gave Jake’s hungry ass an extra good pounding. They pretty much couldn’t get enough of each other. Needless to say, it was FUCKIN HOT!


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