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Studio: Raging Stallion
Directed by: Tony Dimarco
Year of Production / Release: 2009
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Bruno Bond
Jason Crew
Steve Cruz
R.J. Danvers
Angelo Marconi
Pistol Pete
David Taylor

SCENE 1: Bruno Bond and Steve Cruz flip-fuck
SCENE 2: Pistol Pete fucks R.J. Danvers
SCENE 3: David Taylor fucks Angelo Marconi
SCENE 4: Bruno Bond fucks Pistol Pete
SCENE 5: Jason Crew jacks-off

Rock-drum-bass-suck-fuck is the backdrop and the theme of Menace, the new all-sex feature directed by GAYVN award-winning director Tony Dimarco. Featuring four hot sex scenes, four new Raging Stallion exclusives, and two scorching solos, Menace delivers in the vein of its predecessors Savage, Instinct, and Manifesto.
   Real life boyfriends, and Raging Stallion Exclusives, Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond swap spit on top of a stack of stereo speakers that pump out a deep drum and bass track as they have sex for the first time, on film or off. Their deep kisses turn quickly to Steve trailing his spit into Bruno’s mouth before he dives in for another passionate kiss. Bruno plays with Steve’s ass as Steve savors Bruno’s armpit, inhaling his musky man-scent. Steve grinds his ass into Bruno’s crotch, wanting more. Bruno wants more too as he reaches to get Steve’s hard cock into his mouth. Steve arches forward, filling Bruno’s eager mouth with his manhood. Steve fucks Bruno’s face, thrusting his hips into his rough, bearded, stubbly face. Bruno sucks Steve’s cock with gusto, slurping every inch. It’s not long before Steve is straddling Bruno’s face so Bruno can get full access to Steve’s hot hairy ass and hole with his tongue. Bruno devours Steve’s hole as Steve sucks Bruno’s hard, stiff cock, the two engrossed in each other as they form a horny, hairy yin/yang. Steve gets Bruno all worked up with spit before he impales himself on Bruno’s throbbing cock. Steve rides Bruno, taking him deep inside his warm hole. Slowly, Steve’s grinding motion picks up to a thumping and bumping pace as he rides Bruno’s cock hard and deep. These two are so into each other it’s as if we are peeking into the private lives of the new power duo. Bruno then stands and fucks Steve’s hole; the hairs of Steve’s ass caress Bruno’s cock as it pounds in and out. The pace increases and, in a quick move, Bruno climbs on top and sits down on Steve’s throbbing cock. This power top instantly turns into a power bottom as he rides Steve’s hard cock with determination. After riding for a while, without breaking stride, Bruno climbs back down and resumes fucking Steve. The two switch back and forth with ease before Steve pounds Bruno to a fevered climax, spilling his sperm all over his hairy stomach. Bruno gets to his knees and takes Steve’s load all over his hairy, powerful chest. If this is the couple’s first time at sex, you can image them have amazing sex for years to come.
   Hot, hairy Raging Stallion Exclusive R.J. Danvers is worked up and ready to drop to his knees for hot, hairy, Latin Pistol Pete. Pete has a beautifully smooth yet lightly hairy body and RJ takes every inch of the Latin stud’s savory cock into his mouth making it rock hard. Pete enjoys having his cock sucked as he leans back and lets this young stud worship his manpole. Pete fucks his throat then turns RJ over to get access to his hairy hole. Pete works RJ’s hole, getting it open and wet for his big, uncut, pleasure pole. Pete rims RJ’s ass, grabbing hold with his hands and spreading those hairy cheeks so he can get his tongue deep inside. Pete grinds his dick up against the moist hole till RJ begs to be fucked. Pete fills RJ with his hard meat stick and soon RJ is pushing back and grinding to get more of this stud’s hard fat cock inside. The harder Pistol Pete fucks, the more RJ wants this stud’s manhood deep up inside him. There’s no end to RJ’s insatiable desire to be fucked hard and long. A switch of positions and RJ is riding Pete’s cock, working the thrusting to his own satisfaction. Pete’s cock goes deeper inside RJ’s aching manhole. Pete enjoys this ride and he thrusts his hips up to meet RJ’s desire. RJ can’t get enough so Pete flips him on to his back so he can stand and power fuck this insatiable bottom. Pete grabs hold of RJ’s hips and gives him the ride of his life. Pete pounds deeper and harder into the hairy hole and RJ opens it wider with his hands so Pete can fit in every last inch. Pete picks up the pace till he pounds RJ to his white, creamy climax. Pete pulls out and shoots his load all over RJ’s already cream-filled chest. The two collapse under the hot stage lights in a pool of their own sweat and cum.
   Throbbing to the drum and bass rhythm, hot muscle studs, and new Raging Stallion exclusives, Latin heartthrob Angelo Marconi and stunning California hunk David Taylor kiss and grope to the driving rhythm of the beat. Their beautiful, thick lips intertwine as they kiss deep and hard, their tongues searching for the moist, warm recesses of each other’s mouths. Angelo sucks on David’s neck, finding his “spot” as he massages David hardening member beneath his tight jeans. These two are a stunning pair. They massage each other’s hard bodies, and David goes down and works Angelo’s nipple, biting, licking, and sucking. Angelo returns the favor, working David’s massive chest on his way down David’s happy trail to unleash David’s hard man-member. Angelo takes David’s beautiful cock eagerly into his mouth, working it up and down till it’s wet from his salivating mouth. David watches in awe as Angelo devours his manpole to the base, swallowing and massaging the head with his tonsils. Angelo can’t seem to get enough of this hunk’s hard member in his mouth OR his ass. On all fours atop backstage scaffolding, Angelo arches his back as David mounts him from behind. Angelo backs up into David, his greedy ass wanting more. David grabs his jock and slowly fucks Angelo’s sweet, smooth ass, watching his cock disappear inside the hot, tight hole. Angelo then sits on his top’s massive legs and cock and rides David, opening his hole even more. With Angelo on his back, David gets a better angle at pounding his hole. Holding Angelo by the boots, David thrusts his manpole deep inside, increasing his rhythm till Angelo explodes his white manjuice all over his smoothed, tanned stomach. David pulls out and pumps his cock till he explodes all over Angelo’s body, their loads intertwining into a pool of manjuice.
   Super sexy Pistol Pete and cover Exclusive Bruno Bond return for a hot backstage sex romp. Their two masculine bodies combine in deep, beard-rubbing kisses. They suck each other’s mouths, then Pete works his way down, licking and biting Bruno’s hairy chest, nipples, and abs. Bruno grabs Pete from behind, pinching his nipples, kissing his neck, and grinding his crotch into Pete’s backside. Pete grinds back in eager anticipation. Bruno flips Pete around so he can kiss him deeper, and Pete drops to his knees to bite Bruno’s hard cock through his jeans. Pete unleashes Bruno’s hard cock and wastes no time sucking his engorged member. Pete works the head then plunges his throat down on Bruno’s member. Bruno feels ultimate pleasure as his cock hits the back of Pete’s throat. Lying back on a quilted, black leather sofa, Bruno shows off his oral talent as he takes Pete’s hot, Latin cock deep in his wet mouth. Bruno gets a mouthful and Pete slowly thrusts and fucks Bruno’s mouth. Pete sits on Bruno’s face as Bruno’s hot tongue darts in and out of Pete’s hot, hairy manhole. Bruno grabs Pete’s ass cheeks, opening the hole even further to insert his tongue deep inside. Soon Pete is grinding his ass back onto Bruno’s hard dick. This power top from a previous scene is now the insatiable bottom, grinding back, wanting more and more. Bruno pounds his ass, pulling out slowly to see Pete’s gaping hole open and ready. Bruno picks up the pace and power-fucks this beautiful Latin’s hot hole. Pete looks back in roughneck ecstasy; pushing back, wanting more of this stud’s cock. Pete spreads his ass cheeks with his own hands to open even wider, allowing Bruno to drive his cock in deeper. Pete then straddles Bruno’s cock and rides the hard stud till his own dick is bouncing in ecstasy. Pete gyrates his hips, sucking in Bruno’s cock, and he rides it long and hard. Bruno then flips Pete over, holding onto his knee-high riding boots for better access, and jackhammer fucks Pete till they both explode their man juices all over Pete’s smooth stomach. They collapse in a sweaty man kiss.
   Sexy new exclusive Jason Crew is no stranger to working the camera. He struts his stuff, cocksure and cock ready to show off. Ever so handsome Jason shucks his jeans and shows us his stuff. On a black leather sofa, clad in boots, t-shirt, and a jock, he strokes his long 11-inch cock, taunting the camera to come and get it. Jason works his long pole as his seductive looks beg you to pull yours out and join him. He straddles the camera so you can look up at his amazing dick and body teasing to drop a load on you. He returns to the couch, legs up, and reveals his wet, pink hole. He instantly inserts his fingers as he jerks his massive cock. Jason lies back on the couch with his feet on the arm. He arches his back as he picks up the pace of jacking his cock. He arches backward and forward accentuating his cock thrusts, then tosses his legs over his shoulders and shoots a hot creamy load into his mouth, savoring every drop. Jason, no stranger to the business, shows us all that he’s worth it.


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