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Bait Buddies
Studio: Bait Buddies online
Directed by:
Year of Production / Release: 2010
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Micah Andrews
Ryan Matthews

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This isn`t really a God video.
   If you love smooth, young blonde dudes, then you`re gonna love this video! Micah, this week`s Bait, is the all American boy next door with blonde hair and a hot, tight body. He a sensational bottom who loves sucking cock and ass play – he`s the innocent boy with a very dirty side. Micah has the hots for Ryan, a beautiful, blonde Straight guy with a smooth, athletic body who just moved into the same apartment complex. Micah sees him running every day at the same time and called and asked if we could come to his apartment and help him Bait this guy into having sex with him. It`s a win-win situation, we all make money and Micah fulfills his fantasy.
   We almost got killed driving over there at top speed and didn`t have to wait to long to catch Ryan on his daily run. After bum-rushing the kid and LOTS of haggling we finally got Ryan to come back to Micah’s apartment to get his dick sucked… but not by the girl he was expecting. Ryan`s not too happy about this. He tell us ”God made Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve”, to which Caruso so nonchalantly replies “This isn`t really a God video“ – point taken! And, as Ryan tells us numerous times, all the good book stuff aside, when it comes to guys – money talks. So, with just some hundred dollar bills were not only able to get Ryan to let Micah suck his cock, but to top if off, we also get Ryan to suck Micah`s dick and throw one great fuck into him. Maybe the highlight of the video is when Ryan slips up about ever having a cock in his mouth…his own – and we dare him to do it on camera for 100 bucks – which he does. Even hotter – at the end of the video after Ryan cums and he`s still in the aftermath of his orgasm we tell him to lick the cum off the end of his own dick!

Bait Buddies


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