Mormon Boyz MormonBoyz being sexually initiated by their Elders Elder Miller 130046 Bishop Angus 128567

Studio: Mormon Boyz / MormonBoyz.com
Directed by: Paul Jackson
Year of Production / Release: 2014
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Elder Miller [Alec Hudson / Brannon]
Bishop Angus

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Elder Miller
Age 19
Height 5′ 10″
Cock Large

Having been thoroughly evaluated, Elder Miller lies on the bishop’s desk, naked, happy and drained of cum. But he’s not done yet! The bishop still needs to perform a test of the elder’s faith more difficult than any he has faced before.
   Without a word, Bishop Angus binds the young missionary’s hands to the desk with two neckties, and then gags his mouth and blindfolds him with two more. Elder Miller is a good missionary — he knows that obedience is the first law of the gospel. So he doesn’t resist or say a word. He completely submits to the bishop’s authority. When he has been restrained, the bishop grabs his balls hard, and he tenses and whimpers in pain. Then the bishop takes his sticky dick into his mouth while he massages his own erection. Elder Miller moans with pleasure, unable to move or see what’s happening. The bishop gropes his chest and licks his neck, his nipples.
   Bishop Angus takes off his shirt and tie, revealing his muscular chest and arms through his garments, then he goes back to work on the elder’s dick. Elder Miller’s dick responds, stiffening and rolling to the side. Not being able to see what comes next makes him tingle with anticipation. When the bishop starts to kiss him again, he feels like the luckiest boy in the mission, to be getting so much personal love and attention. Read more . . .
   The bishop takes off his pants, and his meaty dick is visible under his garments. He can’t wait any longer — he has to taste the elder’s butt. He lifts his legs in the air, though they’re tied to the desk, then licks the boy’s hole and starts to finger it. The elder is helpless to stop him — not that he wants to. He whimpers as the bishop sticks his fat thumb in his tight hole.
   Then the bishop’s garments come off, revealing his hard, thick cock. He’s ready to test how receptive the elder’s hole will be. He starts to insert it gently, slowly, and the elder gasps as it makes its way into him. He’s not sure he can take it, it’s so big, but the bishop is patient, and after a second he’s in up to his balls. The elder wants to prove himself, so he takes it without complaining.
   As the bishop starts to thrust inside the missionary’s butt, the missionary moans and grabs the desk. The bishop plays with his ripped young body, running his hands up and down the boy’s chest and belly. Then the bishop unties the boy’s feet and hands — not to make him more comfortable, but so that he can fold him up and give him a serious fucking. He climbs up on the desk with Elder Miller and shoves his dick back in. Elder Miller grips the desk and moans as the bishop plows him.
   With a kiss, the bishop takes off the boy’s blindfold so that he can look in his eyes while he fucks him. The elder’s hole is so tight, and he’s so submissive. As he starts to work him over faster and faster, the bishop grunts and feels that he’s about to cum. He pulls out at just the last moment and leaves a puddle of white cum on the boy’s asshole, then he pushes it back into his ass with his dick. Then he takes some of the cum on his fingers and anoints the boy’s forehead.
   It’s safe to say Elder Miller passed his inspection with flying colors.

Mormon Boyz MormonBoyz being sexually initiated by their Elders

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