Studio: Bel Ami
Directed by: Sebastian Bonnet
Videographer: Jeff Daniels, Sebastian Bonnet
Year of Production / Release: 2007
Country of Production: Czech Republic

Noah Aniston
Thierry Aulin
Rafael Bianchi
Leon Boisen
Sebastian Bonnet
Justin Boyd
Sascha Chaykin
Ethan Clarke
Jeff Daniels
Nialli Dawson
Kurt Diesel
Rick Fontana
Jan Gabriel
Luke Hamill
Tim Hamilton
Keith Johansson
Elijah Keilor
Brandon Manilow
Andreas Mouskouri
Etienne Pauliac
Davy Paxton
Manuel Rios
Phil Sardou [Marek Schneider]
Marc Vidal

SCENE 1: Luke Hamil (top) instructs Justin Boyd (bottom)
SCENE 2: Rick Fontana (top) instructs Keith Johansson (bottom)
SCENE 3: Tim Hamilton (top) instructs Noah Aniston (bottom) and Elijah Keilor (bottom)
SCENE 4: Brandon Manilow (top) instructs Phil Sardou (bottom)
SCENE 5: Sascha Chaykin (bottom) and Jeff Daniels (top/bottom) instruct Kurt Diesel (top)
SCENE 6: Ethan Clarke (top) instructs Etienne Pauliac (bottom)
SCENE 7: Marc Vidal (top) instructs Andreas Mouskouri (bottom)
SCENE 8: Rick Fontana (top), Ethan Clarke (top) and Luke Hamil (top) instructs Nialli Dawson (bottom), Davy Paxton (bottom) and Jan Gabriel (bottom)
SCENE 9: Marc Vidal (top) instructs Thierry Aulin (bottom)
SCENE 10: Ethan Clarke (top) instructs Leon Boisen (bottom)
SCENE 11: Brandon Manilow (top) instructs Rafael Bianchi (bottom)
SCENE 12: Marc Vidal (top), Ethan Clarke (top), Rick Fontana (top) instruct Manuel Rios (bottom)

16 candidates and 8 trainers in a complete cinema verite miniseries.
No Experience Necessary is the first official release of BelAmiOnline internet episodes onto DVD.
All of these scenes are directed and filmed by Sebastian Bonnet, with the irrepressible Jeff Daniels on second camera (and sometimes joining in the fun as well).


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