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Staxus Productions Uncut Czech Gay Porn Star Boys fucking OPEN RANGE 2: TWINKS UNCHAINED | Staxus / Platinum | Ricky Nielson Dick Casey Adrian Smallwood Brad Fitt Kris Wallace Ryan Olsen Orlando White Blake Hanson Boris Orla Jason Mike

Studio: Staxus / Platinum
Directed by: John Smith
Year of Production / Release: 2013
Country of Production: Czech Republic

Dick Casey
Brad Fitt
Blake Hanson
Roman Koroza
Jason Mike
Ryan Olsen
Adrian Smallwood
Enzo Bloom
Kris Wallace
Orlando White

Having established his fantasy of a range in the wilds of post-revolutionary Czechoslovakia for fellow sex-starved twinks, Brad Fitt invites the likes of Dick Casey, Orlando Bloom and Kris Wallace to indulge in a second instalment of cock-lustin’, ball-bustin’ fun! Needless to say, it’s an invitation that doesn’t get refused, as the lads from Prague make the most of all that fresh-air and need-found freedom to exercise their dicks and to stretch their asses! All in all, this is one spunk-soaked, jizz-stained revolution that never once fails to deliver.

It’s not your usual location for a sex date – half way up an apple tree! – but that’s exactly where Orlando White and Rick Nielson are making out during the opening minutes of this horny little encounter. What the Health & Safety Executive would have to say about this apparent recklessness is anyone’s guess, of course; but the good news is that both these sexy fuckers make it back down to the ground without any damage to life or limb, and that they’re soon able to continue their set-piece against the relative safety of a garden bench. Not that the new location appears to give White any impetus to remove the skimpy blue denim shorts that he’s wearing – the fellow even sits rimming Nielson’s ass in them! – but it’s not long before both guys are in the mood for something a little more intense than simply sucking dick. Cue White finally breaking free of his clothes and prepare for the fantastic sight of his thick, raw shaft breaking through his Nielson’s hungry little ring. It’s a move that signals the start of an energetic coupling that’ll have you unzipping and wanking in no time, as Nielson takes his mate’s ramrod with the kind of gusto you’ve no doubt come to expect from our boys. All culminating in White blasting the contents of his balls are over the fellow’s ass-hole; before sticking his dick back inside for good measure, and then finally allowing Nielson to empty his own wad over his face in return!


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