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Studio: AMG Brasil
Directed by: Dennis Bell
Year of Production / Release: 2007
Country of Production: Brasil / U.S.A.

Roger Carneiro
Will Castelo
Falsto Chaves
Ricardo Onça
Rodrigo Pimentel
Lucas Ramiro
Alex Tentor
Nick Vallini

Date of Production: March 2007
Run Time: 100 min.

In sleep, Alex Tentor is ushered into a world where everything he desires is at his fingertips. Most notable, a young bronzed boy who eludes him in recurring dreams. On one hot day, Alex takes a nap by the pool and his dream boy appears as he drifts to sleep. However, this time the boy is all his and for Alex, paradise is complete. Fantasy meets reality in this hardcore dreamscape.

Under the heat of the mid-day sun, a slender young man in tight yellow trunks lays down to take a nap. He finds a spot by the cool blue water of his private pool and with in moments he is dreaming. The dream is a familiar one for Alex Tentor.
   Every time he drifts to sleep he is visited by the image of a young, caramel skinned hunk in red trunks. The man, Ricardo Onça, strokes his dick atop a large boulder under the shady canopy of the forest. He dismounts the rocks and walks along the jungle floor slowly caressing his thick Brazilian uncut shaft while searching for other randy jungle dwellers.

Ricardo peers through the trees. He fixes his eyes on Nick Vallini, a slim-but-built young man with a flawless face and tattoos covering much of his body. The boy walks down a distant path stroking his cock through tight black shorts. He eventually approaches a boulder similar to the one Ricardo had just departed. Upon the rock a fit young man (Roger Carneiro) strokes himself slowly. Nick approaches and Roger immediately drops to his knees.
   The two suck each other off with unfettered affection as the voyeur looks on. While Nick sucks Roger’s supple meat he reaches around and fingers his tight hole. Soon Roger is on his back moaning with ecstasy. Nick has Roger’s ankles in his hands and rocks back and forth, probing his sweet, mucky man hole. Roger gets on top and sinks slowly down the manpole, completely filled with Nick’s cock. Nick’s pounding sends an enormous load pouring from Roger’s dick. Finally, Roger looks up while Nick prepares to shoot on his face. Within moments Roger’s face is drenched with Nick’s warm sperm.

Poolside Alex moans in hot desire as his dream continues, and Ricardo winds his own way through the tall trees of the jungle. Next he stumbles upon Rodrigo Pimentel. Rodrigo stands in the door of a small, run-down building in a straw hat. He strokes his dick gently. Lucas Ramiro approaches with a propane tank in hand but can not resist what he sees. He throws the tank down and puts his soft lips around the hard shaft of Rodrigo’s dick. After exchanging blowjobs, the pair get down to some serious fucking.
   Lucas takes the reins. He throws Rodrigo’s body in every direction and slams his hips against the boy’s ass with such ferociousness that it is hard to differentiate between lust and hatred. Soon Rodrigo takes control and returns the favor with equal intensity. Lucas’ face displays a mixed expression of pain and pleasure while Rodrigo jack hammers his bubble butt. As Rodrigo slams his rock-hard dick against Lucas’ prostate, streams of cum fly from his member. Rodrigo follows soon afterward, adding to the puddles on Lucas’ chest.

Still not sated, Lucas travels on. He finds another couple, a baby-faced Falsto Chaves and dark and handsome Will Castelo. The two men, soon find there way out of their bright-colored sarongs. Each one takes turns exposing the other’s uncut, throbbing cock. Falsto slides Will’s hard cock between his lips and caresses the boys solid muscles. He concentrates on his foreskin, gently inserting his tongue inside the skin and circling his bright pink head. Will returns the favor. He then bends the boy at the waist and inserts his pole. Will takes turns fucking his friend first with his dick, then a small green dildo and then a larger blue one. With all that stimulation Falsto soon comes across his stomach and chest. Will follows suit.

Ricardo finds his way back to the rock that Alex had originally imagined him on. And for the first time in Alex’s reoccurring fantasy, he is their awaiting Ricardo’s return. He lays flat on his back, facing up with a swelling member raising the fabric of his small, yellow shorts. This is exactly how he had fallen asleep by the pool. Ricardo slides out of his own shorts and lowers his dick onto the boy’s mouth. As it rests on his lips, Alex’s mouth opens slowly letting the lengthy member into the hot, wet opening. Alex’s dream has come true. He sucks him off with great passion–soon his ass will replace his mouth. After blowing Ricardo, Alex sits on the hunks hard-on. He bounces up and down biting his lip and clenching his teeth. The two fuck to the point of explosion. Then they erupt in simultaneous streams. White liquid covers Alex’s tight stomach. He rubs the cum in deep and opens his eyes.
   As he turns to his left, he finds the man from his dream standing in the pool that he fell asleep by. The man strokes his dick through his tight, red shorts and smiles.


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