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Studio: All Worlds
Directed by: Thor Stephans [Thor Stephens] Year of Production / Release: 2005
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Jason Crew
Justin Dragon
Chad Farrell
Cameron Fox
Stetson Gable
Dillon Press
Anthony Shaw
Justin Wells
Jonathan West
Park Wiley

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If it can go wrong it does go wrong on the set of a porn video shoot called The Paramedics. Fortunately there is a documentary being filmed on the movie that catches all of the action that the director can’t seem to get.
   With the video shoot already running behind schedule, lines forgotten and two of the models missing their ID’s to prove they can do the video, director Vince Harrington decides it’s time to take a lunch break. Instead of getting a good meal, Chad Farrell and Park Wiley decide to sneak a quickie, thinking that they will be able to get it up in time for their scene. The two studs take turns sucking each other’s cocks in the back of an ambulance on the film set. Park bends over to take Chad’s big dick up his ass and the stud fucks him hard. Park is one loud bottom, moaning in ecstasy as Chad’s dick continues to pound his ass harder and harder. Before long Park can’t take it anymore and screams as he shoots a huge load with Chad’s cock still up his ass. The two models make out furiously as Chad strokes himself off and shoots all over his chest.
   With things already off to a rocky start on the set, the director calls in some real life straight paramedics, Stetson Gable and Jonathan West, to be consultants on the film. The production assistant Kyle Lewis sees the two straight men and wants to get a shot at them, so he talks Jonathan into heading backstage with him to show him exactly what a fluffer can do. It doesn’t take much for him to get Jonathan’s dick hard and when Stetson walks in on the action, Jonathan tells him he’s gotta give it a try. Stetson jumps in and Kyle eagerly sucks the two straight cocks. Justin Dragon, the star of The Paramedics, walks in on the trio and gives Kyle another cock to suck.
   With everyone rock hard now, Justin decides to give Kyle a rim job. He teases the smooth ass with his tongue making Kyle moan in ecstasy. Justin slaps on a rubber and slides his cock inside Kyle’s smooth eager ass to show the other two how to fuck a man good. Jonathan is the first to cum, dumping a nice load on Kyle’s smooth chest. Stetson follows with a monster load. With two loads already on him, Kyle blows his wad and Justin jizzes all over leaving, the PA covered in hot cum.
   The on-set photographer, Anthony Shaw, talks with his boyfriend/assistant Justin Wells about the next model they are going to photograph, Jason Crew. It turns out Anthony has the hots for Jason, while Jason has the hots for Justin. Things heat up on the photo shoot when Jason shows the boys how he can fuck himself with his big long dick. Anthony and Justin get so turned on they start making out and before long they are going down on Jason’s cock together. Soon Anthony is bent over and taking Jason’s big cock up his ass. Anthony begs Jason to go slower, but Jason just plows away while Justin encourages him to fuck harder. The fucking continues as Justin takes over plowing Anthony’s ass while Jason is fucking his face. Things get really hot when Anthony decides he wants both Justin and Jason’s cocks in his ass at the same time. Eventually the boys can’t take it anymore and Jason is the first one to pull out and cum all over Anthony’s back. Anthony is the next one to shoot and he gives Justin a cum bath, covering his tight body with jizz. Finally Justin stroke out his load, spraying it all over Anthony’s ass cheeks.
   Trying to hold things together on the set, director Harrington pays off Cameron Fox to sleep with the owner of the porn company, Dillon Press. Cameron meets up with Dillon at one of the outdoor shooting locations and promises to give him a fucking he won’t soon forget. Dillon quickly strips Cameron down and begins to worship his monster cock. Cameron returns the favor by sucking on Dillon’s impressive piece of meat. Cameron eventually takes a seat so that Dillon can slide his ass down that long thick shaft, and before long Cameron is pumping away to Dillon’s moaning approval. Dillon takes to riding Cameron’s cock and eventually he fucks the cum right out of him as Dillon dumps a creamy load of white jizz on Cameron’s chest. Wanting to finish the job he started, Dillon gives Cameron a hand job until the young porn star blows his wad.
   All’s well that ends well… or did it? See The Paramedics and find out.


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