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Michael Lucas Entertainment PISS GODS Jonathan Agassi Ron Atias Menash Ben-David Baptiste Bremont Carlos Caballero Sasha Dov Bruno Jones Michael Lucas

Studio: Lucas Entertainment / Lucas Raunch
Directed by: Michael Lucas
Year of Production / Release: 2009
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Jonathan Agassi
Ron Atias
Menash Ben-David
Baptiste Bremont
Carlos Caballero
Sasha Dov
Bruno Jones
Michael Lucas
Martin Passoli
Guy Ronen
Max Schutler
Lavi Yacov

Featuring golden showers of global proportions, PISS GODS is the answer to the prayers of watersports disciples around the world. These nasty, insatiable raunch whores have no limits, and fuck and suck with reckless abandon! PISS GODS features more than two hours of dirty piss sex with Lucas Exclusives Jonathan Agassi and Michael Lucas, along with international studs Martin Passoli, Carlos Caballero, Baptiste Bremont, Guy Ronen, Menashe Ben-David, Bruno Jones, Ron Atias, Sasha Dov, Lavi Yacov, and Max Schutler.

PISS VIGNETTE 1: Baptiste Bremont & Martin Passoli
European sex gods Baptiste Bremont and Martin Passoli get soaking wet in this electrifying shower scene…a shower of PISS, that is! Crouched dutifully in an immaculately white basin, Martin can’t help but stroke himself as he bathes in the relentless stream coming from Baptiste’s enormous cock. Splish-splashing everywhere—across Martin’s eyes, nose, lips, and chest—Baptiste’s undying urge to erupt with liquid is truly awe-inspiring. Once the stream is up, Martin unleashes his hungry mouth on Baptiste’s dirty pole like a pro.

PISS VIGNETTE 2: Jonathan Agassi & Bruno Jones
Outside we find hairy Lucas Entertainment exclusive Jonathan Agassi on his knees facing the hulking Bruno Jones. Before a breathtaking sunset, Bruno shoots a jet of steaming refuse straight into Jonathan’s mouth like a magnum water pistol. Gargling the golden solution audibly before spitting and swallowing it up, Jonathan demonstrates his thirst for Bruno beautifully. He’s sure to catch all supplemental squirts in his mouth before hungrily slurping on Bruno’s shaft. Before he can take it any longer, Jonathan erupts in his own vertical volcano of piss!

SEX SCENE 1: Carlos Caballero & Menash Ben-David
A simple gloryhole becomes a receptacle for Spaniard Carlos Caballero’s hot stream of piss, beneath which the obliging Israeli Menashe Ben-David reclines. Bathing in the golden shower, Menashe takes it into his mouth and spits it out decadently. He then wraps his lips around Caballero’s pumping rod until the wall comes down and he hungrily devours the monster face to face. Soon the two hunks are unleashing torrents of urine all over Menashe’s torso, and this pee play leads to a whole lot more in a climactic fuck scene where Carlos dominates Menashe and punishes him with his wet, piss-soaked cock.

SEX SCENE 2: Jonathan Agassi & Martin Passoli
Martin Passoli can’t wait to kneel under another golden waterfall and meets up with Jonathan Agassi in the basement of a sex club. This sticky dungeon is no stranger to the piss-soaked debauchery depicted in this scene. Jonathan splashed Martin’s chest and face before finishing up on his perfect bubble butt. Afterwards, these two do what any hot blooded men would do after a shower—they get to some intense doggy-style rimming and fucking! Jonathan takes Martin onto his lap and fucks him senseless, and desecrates his latest conquest with a second round of sopping wet drenching.

SEX SCENE 3: Jonathan Agassi & Sasha Dov
When Jonathan Agassi pours a foamy beer over his skyward-pointed schlong, it is merely a prelude to the wet and wild antics that inevitably follow. Teaming up with the sculpted and cocksure Sasha Dov, Agassi erects his legs into the air and allows his latest partner to spit and spew the remaining contents of the bottle into his waiting hole. Not one to be easily satisfied, Sasha proceeds to insert the bottle into the smooth, dripping pucker, and then follows with a lengthy piss session into the bottom boy’s thirsty mouth. The piss guzzling evolves into a hot 69 adventure, at which point Jonathan turns the dominator into the dominated by pounding him with his rock hard rod. In a poetic final act, Jonathan creams Sasha across the kisser, a sumptuous echo of their previous piss play.

SEX SCENE 4: Jonathan Agassi & Lavi Yacov
“You know what I want?” the insatiable Jonathan Agassi asks his newfound friend Lavi Yacov before answering his own question: “I WANT YOUR PISS.” The alert and obedient Lavi is more and ready to oblige Jonathan’s request, and douses him in a golden bath of his held-in liquid until he nearly drowns in it! The filthy spattering of Lavi’s nonstop stream on the ceramic tile floor echoes so loudly it’s a miracles the neighbors can’t hear, and soon he unleashes his unforgiving deluge of piss across Jonathan’s ass, his mouth, and down his gargling throat. Lavi spanks Jonathan’s face with his outrageously fat tool, pre-cumming down his chest before cramming it up his moist and ready bubble. He penetrates the verbal bottom in a variety of positions and the two explode with cum across Agassi’s face, throat, and chest.

PISS VIGNETTE #3: Michael Lucas & Max Schutler
Upon entering a torch-lit cave, you can expect to come across some type of secret ritual, and this scene with Michael Lucas and Max Schutler is no exception! Michael lets loose his steaming cascade across Max’s smooth and sculpted chest and teasingly spurts straight up his nose. Max can scarcely suppress his smiling as he receives the golden shower in this stunning interlude.

SEX SCENE 5: Ron Atias & Guy Ronen
Sun-kissed Guy Ronen retreats to his private cabana in order to relieve himself upon the compliant and willing Ron Atias. Ron rubs himself down in Guy’s delectable piss with enthusiasm before putting his mouth to work on his friend’s sputtering hose. Soon Guy cannot take anymore and insists on turning Ron around and ramming his rod up his rookie ass. Ron’s whimpers are the best accompaniment to Guy’s powerful thrusts. These boys prove why pissing is the perfect prelude to a good old fashioned pummeling!


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