Hot House Entertainment PRIVATE LOWLIFE Alex Collack Arpad Miklos Enzo Grimaldi Francesco D Hot House Entertainment PRIVATE LOWLIFE Alex Collack Arpad Miklos Enzo Grimaldi Francesco D

Studio: Hot House Entertainment
Directed by: Michael Clift
Year of Production / Release: 2006
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Ken Browning
Matt Cole
Alex Collack
Francesco D’Macho
Enzo Grimaldi
Nick Horn
Kyle Lewis
Arpad Miklos
Kent North
Scott Swann
Marc Williams
Kirk Ziegler

In his directorial debut for Hot House Video Michael Clift commands the finest enlisted men ever assembled in Private Lowlife! Bunker down in your favorite foxhole and watch this series of five military training reels that show the rigorous physical training and mental acuity needed to serve in the Hot House regiment! International sensation Hot House Exclusive Francesco D’Macho leads a cast of 12 muscle-bound jarheads including Lifetime Exclusives Alex Collack and Kent North! Also starring Drill Sergeant Marc Williams puts the troops to the test in our tongue-in-cheek tribute to the men in uniform!

Hot House Entertainment PRIVATE LOWLIFE Francesco D
SCENE 1 – AUTHORITY FIGURE: Francesco D’Macho and Matt Cole flip-fuck
Privates Francesco D’Macho and Matt Cole stand at attention in Drill Sergeant Marc Williams’ office. Sergeant Williams demonstrates his authority by ordering Private D’Macho to clean up the mess in his office. Private Cole takes advantage of the fact that D’Macho is on his knees and pulls out his long fat cock for some deep throat action. Private D’Macho follows orders, taking Cole’s pole to the base. Next D’Macho turns Cole over and sucks his asshole, preparing it for his thick uncut man-meat. D’Macho pummels Cole like a good soldier until he decides he wants his ass invaded too. Private Cole stands at attention and impales Private D’Macho until they both shoot!

Hot House Entertainment PRIVATE LOWLIFE Marc Williams tops Kyle Lewis; Nick Horn tops Kent North, then tops trade bottoms
SCENE 2 – CALISTHENICS: Marc Williams tops Kyle Lewis; Nick Horn tops Kent North, then tops trade bottoms
Drill Sergeant Marc Williams has his troops just where he wants them – on their backs. He steps in front of Private Kent North and pulls out his big gun, ordering North to suck it. Private Lewis falls in line and begins sucking Private Horn’s fat cock. The men put Lewis down on a workout bench and use both his holes – Horn and Lewis taking turns fucking his mouth while North eats his ass. Next Sergeant Williams stretches Private Lewis’ anal cavity with his fat cannon while Private North takes it like a man from Private Horn. The tops trade bottoms and all four men fuck until they can’t take it anymore. Lewis is placed back on the bench and everyone blows their loads all over his washboard stomach.

Hot House Entertainment PRIVATE LOWLIFE Scott Swann tops Enzo Grimaldi
SCENE 3 – LATRINE DUTY: Scott Swann tops Enzo Grimaldi
Private Enzo Grimaldi demonstrates the hardships of serving his country – on his knees scrubbing the latrine floor. Private Scott Swan takes him away from his duty so he can service his rock hard cock. Private Swann orders Grimaldi to stand spread eagle over the urinal so he can dig his tongue deep in Grimaldi’s ass cheeks. Swann slides his tool into Grimaldi’s spit-lubed ass then orders him to stand at attention so he can turn his attention to Grimaldi’s rigid cock. Finally Swann lies down on the freshly scrubbed floor so Grimaldi can fuck himself by riding Swann’s major cock. Eventually both men cum thick white loads.

Hot House Entertainment PRIVATE LOWLIFE Arpad Miklos and Francesco D
SCENE 4 – THE BARRACKS: Arpad Miklos and Francesco D’Macho top Ken Browning
Horse-hung Private Arpad Miklos is rubbing one out over a ‘girlie’ magazine when Private D’Macho comes in and checks out his meat. Both men agree that Private Miklos needs someplace to put his monster-sized tool and check out the ass of bunkmate Private Browning. Browning takes his position between the two muscle-men and begins to service them. Ass-hound Miklos puts both men on their knees and takes turns tasting their fox holes. Finally Miklos stands up and drills both men with his hard-as-steel torpedo. Eventually Private Browning ends up back in the middle, this time with Private D’Macho drilling his hole while Private Miklos feeds his face. The two tops switch places and Miklos shoots all over Browning’s stomach while D’Macho coats Browning’s face in sticky goo.

Hot House Entertainment PRIVATE LOWLIFE Kirk Ziegler tops Alex Collack
SCENE 5 – GROOMING: Kirk Ziegler tops Alex Collack
Base barber Kent North excuses himself to take a piss, leaving uncut soldier Ziegler stroking his fat cock in the barber chair. Private Collack steps up to take Ziegler’s juicy rod deep down his throat then pulls his own uncut, rock hard cock out for some attention from Ziegler. Private Ziegler bends Private Collack over the barber chair and plows his muscular ass slow and deep. Ziegler then returns to the chair with his cock standing at attention, ready for Collack to jump on and ride until they both shoot gobs of jism.


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