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AlphaMale Media British Men sex gayporn

Studio: AlphaMale Media
Directed by:
Year of Production / Release: 2015
Country of Production: Great Britain

Dirk Caber
Dolan Wolf

It’s not always about subtle cruising techniques in the locker room, especially where musclebound hunk Dirk Caber is concerned! Walking in with a very prominent bulge in his sports shorts, a cock hungry hunk like Dolan can’t avoid staring at it as if it were lunch time! As he bends down to undo his trainers, Dirk seizes this opportunity and literally waves his now naked dick in Dolan’s face, no man could resist this! As Dolan laps at the cut tip like a puppy, Dirk gets harder and harder, literally twitching with anticipation, he knows his ass is in for a treat in a matter of minutes! Sucking on Dolan’s own solid shaft, Dirk’s ass is right in the line of fire as Dolan pulls his apart, fingering and playing with his blond fuzzy hole as he’s pushed down to suck deeper! Staying on all fours, Dirk is in the perfect position for Dolan to fuck fast and deep, the deep animalistic groans coming from them excite each other more as their dicks remain at full hard-on throughout this sweaty fuck in such a public place! Coating Dirk’s heaving muscled chest in wads of spunk, running down his pecs and around his underarms, Dirk swiftly follows with his own load erupting from his pumped dick.

AlphaMale Media British Men sex gayporn

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