Raging Stallion HAIRY BOYZ 31 Brendan Davies Luke Hass Steve Cruz Raging Stallion HAIRY BOYZ 31 Brendan Davies Luke Hass Steve Cruz

Studio: Raging Stallion Compilation
Directed by: Ben Leon, John Bruno, Leif Gobo, Steve Cruz
Year of Production / Release: 2013
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Ken Browning
Trey Casteel
Steve Cruz
RJ Danvers
Brendan Davies
Luke Hass
CJ Madison
David Novak
Ricky Sinz
Victor Steele
Park Wiley

Handpicked classic scenes from SAVAGE, THE DRIFTER (Raging Stallion), LIMITS, DRIFTER (Mustang), and ROLL IN THE HAY

SCENE 1: Luke Hass and RJ Danvers
Directed by: Ben Leon and Tony Dimarco

Surreptitiously cheating on his distant boyfriend, RJ Danvers rushes to release his latest trick’s (Luke Hass) cock from his pants. RJ takes Luke’s thick cock in his mouth, deep-throating his engorged member. Luke then moves RJ to the bed and rims his hairy ass before he pounds his eager hole. Luke pounds away in many positions before RJ explodes all over his own hairy stomach. Luke quickly finishes unloading his man juice on RJ before collapsing into a passionate kiss.

SCENE 2: Victor Steele and Steve Cruz
Directed by: Ben Leon

Victor Steele has the body of a Greek god. As he poses in the mirror, the camera examines every inch of this solid muscle man. Steve Cruz enters the scene on his knees searching for dick. After a hot oral session of dick worship, Steve and Victor switch places so that Victor can get a taste. After a round of dick sucking, Victor wants a piece of Steve’s ass. As Victor penetrates, Steve’s ass responds in kind, pulsing with energy and the need to be filled. Victor takes his time and warms Steve up into a frenzy of high energy fucking. As Victor explodes, Steve returns to his knees for a face full of cum followed by shooting his own load across the floor.

SCENE 3: CJ Madison, Ken Browning & Trey Casteel
Directed by: John Bruno

Making his way through the gridlock of L.A., Ken stumbles upon the steamy scene of Trey Casteel and CJ Madison as they push their limits and surrender to the heat of their flesh, dedicating themselves to hardcore sucking, rimming and fucking, as Ken watches their play through a window.

SCENE 4: Brendan Davies, Park Wiley & Steve Cruz
Directed by: Leif Gobo

Hooded leather master Brendan Davies dominates Steve Cruz and Park Wiley. Brendan even shaves Steve’s head before the insatiable threesome engage in a brutal and unforgettable fuck session…where Steve and Park learn exactly who’s in charge.

SCENE 5: Ricky Sinz and David Novak
Directed by: Steve Cruz and Tony Dimarco

Hairy boy David Novak is coiling rope in the barn when in walks trouble: Ricky Sinz. Soon Ricky has his pants down and his cock down his throat. Ricky is an aggressive cocksucker, true to form. He chokes, he jacks, he blows, he sucks as David’s hairy ass clenches. Ricky quickly turns the tables though, so that David is at his feet throat deep in Ricky’s hard crotch. Ricky takes control of the ‘job’ gripping the back of David’s head while he opens up. When David’s pants are all the way down Ricky has him doggy style on his belly. David likes to be dominated by a masterful top! He is all smiles, grunting as Ricky fills his hairy sweaty hole with a good ass pounding. Ricky never relents, taking David from behind until he’s blasting a massive load all over the barn floor. Ricky’s not finished until he coats David’s face and beard with his own whitewash. Both cum shots are colossal!


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