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Studio: Raging Stallion
Directed by: Tony DiMarco
Year of Production / Release: 2009
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Bruno Bond
Zack Jamison
Tristan Jaxx
Logan McCree
David V. [Alexander Garrett]
Pistol Pete
Tristan Phoenix
Ethan Roberts
David Taylor

SCENE 1: David V. and Logan McCree flip-fuck
SCENE 2: Tristan Phoenix and Zack Jamison flip-fuck
SCENE 3: Tristan Jaxx fucks Pistol Pete
SCENE 4: David Taylor fucks Bruno Bond
DVD BONUS SCENES: David Taylor & Ethan Roberts solos

Introducing RSS Exclusive David Taylor–Soap Star turned Porn Star. You’ve seen him on TV, now watch him fuck on film!

Inspired by Werner Fassbinder’s, QUERELLE, Raging Stallion’s Port of Entry looks back to the time of Longshoremen, Sailors and Leather Bikers–when sex was just for getting off and it didn’t matter how you did it… just so long as you did.
   On his first shore leave in months, David V walks the docks, past a shadowed street vagrant who entices him in a game of chance. Picking cards from a deck, David turns out to be the fool–his card is the joker — and he loses the game to the stranger. But what prize does the stranger win? Standing up and casting off his heavy shroud, the vagrant reveals a sexy, illustrated man, Logan McCree. Lust wells up inside their stares, and their mouths meet, rugged and passionate.  David, yielding, allows Logan to taste his sea-salty skin, his tongue working over David’s smooth, chiseled torso and lingering on his brown nipples. Unable to wait any longer, David releases Logan’s hard cock from his flannel pants; but before David can finish exploring, Logan drops to his knees to swallow David’s engorged member, giving it a good working over, slicking it with his own saliva, teasing David’s cum-swollen balls which haven’t seen release in weeks. Giving as good as he got, David swaps places and greedily sucks Logan’s smooth, fat cock, rubbing and tickling it against his slightly bearded cheeks. Pleased with his prize, Logan grabs David’s hair and gives him the face fucking he so clearly needs, and uses David’s tongue for a rim job that only a desperate sailor can give. He wets Logan’s hole and rubs his thick cock against it in anticipation for some hard pounding. David slowly presses his dick inside, increasing his rhythm until he’s slamming away at Logan’s tight hole. But soon Logan decides that he wants David’s smooth ass too and turns the tables, aiming his own flesh torpedo at his David’s broadside.  Logan slips right in, showing no mercy, and flipping him on his back to watch the helpless seaman’s face as gives this sailor the ride of his life. But before letting David shoot his imminent load, Logan wants another chance at that killer cock and aggressively climbs aboard David to furiously fuck himself until he unloads gobs of white semen over David’s ripped abs. The vision of Logan finally getting his reward, send David over the edge and he blows his wad all over Logan’s tattooed chest.  David took a chance with this vagrant and he won in spades.
   Cruising the docks at night, longshoreman Tristan is out for some fresh air. A flash of light in the dark — the glow of a cigarette match–reveals the presence of the rough trade biker Zack Jamison. Liking what he sees, Tristan lets Zack get an eyeful, approaching the leather man on the pier. Zack exhales the dark smoke from his lungs and stares at Tristan, the meaning clear in his eyes. He knows what this sailor is there for and Zack is more than ready to deliver.  Rubbing his fat cock beneath his tight Levis is all the signal Tristan needs, and in seconds the service man is gives the kind of service he gives best. He sucks this hot man’s tool, taking it all the way down to the base. Tristan sucks Zack’s meat for some time before Zack pulls Tristan up for a deep man kiss then chows down on his cock. Zack then in a quick move bends Tristan over a crate, spits on his cock and thrusts it deep inside. Tristan moans in pleasure but takes it like a man. Zack just pounds away satisfying Tristan’s tight hole. Zack grabs Tristan’s hips and drives his hard fat cock deeper and deeper inside and rides this sailor’s ass until he’s almost spent. Then Zack pulls out, moves Tristan aside and assumes the position with his beefy ass up in the air. Now he wants cock. And he wants it up his ass! Tristan doesn’t argue and gives Zack what he wants. Tristan works Zack’s manhole with his hard cock. This rough trade stud loves to get fucked. Tristan fucks him doggie style, bent over the edge of the dock holding on for dear life. Zack wants Tristan’s hole again and flips Tristan on his back and give him his man meat once again, pounding away. Tristan loves this biker’s fat cock up his ass and moans in ecstasy as he pounds his hole mercilessly until he explodes all over himself. Zack pulls out and unloads his pent up load all over Tristan’s sweat-soaked body. Now both men are satisfied with what goes bump in the night.
   Laboring long hours on the docks can get frustrating, especially if you are horny all day long. On a break, dockworker Pistol Pete whittles away his time on a piece of wood, watching Tristan Jaxx as he loads crates. Bored and horny, he decides what he’d like to get back to work–but this time on Tristan! Pete signals Tristan by rubbing his cock through his pants and soon Tristan signals back with a rub of his own. Pete approaches Tristan and unzips his co-worker’s pants, pull out his large uncut cock and places deep down his throat. He licks and sucks Tristan’s beautiful meaty cock, getting it all wet. Tristan loves his cock being worshiped. He holds the back of Pete’s head and slowly fucks his face. Pete then takes a step back and unleashes his own tool. Tristan steps off the loading dock and drops to his knees to honor the trade and works on Pete’s flesh tool. Pete fucks Tristan’s hungry mouth. Tristan can’t wait much longer. He bends Pete over the loading dock and fucks him with his meat stick. Pete loves the feeling of this big hard cock up is ass, the pleasure and pain tearing him apart. Tristan pounds away using Pete as his man slut, working over Pete’s tight hole. Tristan then flips Pete on to his back and fucks him some more. His large cock seems to get longer and fatter as Pete’s tight hole grips his engorged cock. Tristan picks up his rhythmic fuck pace until Pete can’t take it anymore and releases his man juice all over. Tristan pulls out and showers Pete with his semen. They both collapse in exhaustion as they’ve put in a long hard day at the docks. 
   In a small dank dusty office, rugged wharf boss Bruno Bond goes over the day’s receipts when in walks disgruntled longshoreman David Taylor. Six four with massive shoulders, David’s tattooed muscles contrast his striking good looks. He is a man who deserves attention and when Bruno doesn’t deliver, David takes the situation into his own hands — sweeping the desk clean, grabbing his boss by his tie, he demands that Bruno takes notice. Shaken, but resolute, Bruno keeps a cool even stare, waiting to see if David will pound him or kiss him. Pushing Bruno to his knees, David wordlessly decides to take what Bruno wouldn’t give.  He wants to stop working on the dock and start working on some cock. Bruno sucks voraciously with David pulling the back of Bruno’s head, making a tight lip lock and before long, David’s balls demand Bruno’s attention as well. This muscle man came in for some good head and gets it. No longer discontented, David pulls Bruno up for a passionate kiss, then pushes him down into his chair for a chance at Bruno’s dick. This isn’t a disgruntled employee situation anymore; it’s a torrid office affair. They’ve come to a give-and-take compromise–with Bruno taking it first. Ditching the last of his suit, he works up David prick. David complies with his boss’s desire and bends him over the desk and giving his all to Bruno’s hairy hole. David grabs Bruno’s hips and rides his boss, pounding him hard and long. David then lies across the desk so that Bruno can sit on top of his big hard cock. Bruno rides his worker stud, then flips on his back until he unleashes his cum all over his hairy stomach. Then it’s David’s turn to unleash his pent up load all over his kneeling boss’s chin and chest — an explosive, tension-releasing ending to a week of hard labor at the Port of Entry. This proves that, once again, you should pay attention to your seamen.


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