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Hot House Entertainment ram tough Alex Collack Alex Fuerte Arpad Miklos Kent Larson Shane Rollins Jason Hawke Ace Hanson Jason Kingsley Corbin Michaels Hot House Entertainment ram tough Alex Collack Alex Fuerte Arpad Miklos Kent Larson Shane Rollins Jason Hawke Ace Hanson Jason Kingsley Corbin Michaels

Studio: Hot House Entertainment
Directed by: Steven Scarborough
Year of Production / Release: 2005
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Alex Collack
Alex Fuerte
Jason Hawke
Jason Kingsley
Kent Larson
Corbin Michaels
Arpad Miklos
Ace Hanson
Shane Rollins

Hot House Lifetime Exclusive and cover man Alex Collack tops for the first time on camera in Ram Tough, Director Steven Scarborough’s salute to the working stiff! Collack is even more ripped, more defined and more built than ever, as he leads a pack of the toughest blue collar S.O.B.s this side of Memphis! Also starring Hot House Exclusive Alex Fuerte, Kent Larson, Shane Rollins and Ace Hanson. These men are Ram Tough and come fully equipped with the right tool to get the job done!

Hot House Entertainment ram tough Alex Collack & Shane Rollins flip-fuck
SCENE 1: Alex Collack & Shane Rollins flip-fuck
Co-workers Alex Collack and Shane Rollins have some plumbing to fix. Collack checks out the situation under the sink while Rollins checks out Collack’s chiseled upper body. Collack’s amazing washboard stomach gets Rollins’ dick hard and when Collack asks for a wrench, Rollins slaps his fat, 9+ inch cock in his co-worker’s hand instead. That’s the tool Collack really wanted – and he proves it by taking it deep down his masculine, muscled throat. Now both men are out of their overalls and Collack throws Rollins up on the counter to get a good grip on his cock and explore his round, ripe ass with his tongue. Rollins begs the Russian sex-machine Collack to fuck his ass with the huge uncut, rock hard cock. Collack drive his rod deep into Rollin’s perfect ass long and hard, until Rollins orders him to pull out and sit down on his fat pole. Collack takes over and rides Rollins like a skilled jockey, squeezing his world-class ass muscles like a vice around Rollin’s giant cock. Rollins shoves his cock back into Collack’s ass and jacks him off, edging Collack until he shoots an incredible load! Rollins immediately pulls out and shoots his white-hot load, covering Collack in pools of cum.

Hot House Entertainment ram tough Kent Larson & Jason Kingsley flip-fuck
SCENE 2: Kent Larson & Jason Kingsley flip-fuck
Kent Larson is trying to get an accurate measurement in the tool and die. Horse-hung Jason Kingsley shows him what 10 inches looks like, hauling out his thickly veined, meaty cock. Larson falls to his knees and deep throats Kingsley’s cock like a pro. They explore each other’s bodies with their greedy mouths – both men are over 6 feet tall, built and have incredible asses. Larson throws Kingsley on his back to eat his hole, which drives Kingsley crazy and gets his cock so hard, it surpasses the 10-inches he promised. Larson lowers his rock-hard, golden globes over Kingsley’s face for some reciprocation and Kingsley is happy to oblige. All of this ass eating gets Larson primed to take Kingsley’s huge cock. Kingsley fucks Larson like a true master of his trade, using every inch of his massive meat to pummel Larson’s incredible ass. Kingsley has a fat round ass that craves attention too, and Larson is the man for the job! Both men shoot giant loads by the end of the work day.

Hot House Entertainment ram tough Alex Fuerte & Ace Hanson flip-fuck
SCENE 3: Alex Fuerte & Ace Hanson flip-fuck
Construction worker Ace Hanson must know someone at INS because he managed to get his buddy Alex Fuerte a green card. When Fuerte complains about the money he must pay for it, Hanson decides to raise the price and refuses to turn over the card until he gets his cock sucked. Fuerte really needs the card (and really wants the muscle-man’s dick) so he gets to work. Hanson’s cock is rock-hard and he’s not going to be satisfied until he’s plowed the gorgeous Latin man’s ass. Fuerte decides he’s paid enough and throws beefy bad-boy Hanson on his back and shoves his 9-inch uncut cock deep into Hanson’s muscled-up ass. Both men get more than their money’s worth when they blow their thick hot loads all over the warehouse.

Hot House Entertainment ram tough Jason Hawke & Corbin Michaels flip-fuck
SCENE 4: Jason Hawke & Corbin Michaels flip-fuck
Sexy Jason Hawke doesn’t seem to notice that his co-worker Corbin Michaels is on his lunch break. When he asks the horse-hung boy-next-door Michaels for a hand, Michaels tells him to get his lips on his cock instead. Hawke rises to the challenge and deep throats Corbin’s fat cock, which gets them both rock hard. Michaels is unable to resist his co-workers long, perfect cock and falls to his knees to suck him off. This gets both of them hot, sweaty, and ready for more so Michaels slips his fat cock into Hawke’s fat round ass. Hawke takes it like a man, but when he’s had enough, he throws Michaels over and pumps his ass with his long, perfect cock. His jumbo man meat hits the spot and they fuck all over the scaffolding in a heated, sweaty fuck-a-thon. Hawke is the first one to explode, quickly followed by Michaels, who blows his load all over his own chiseled torso.

Hot House Entertainment ram tough Arpad Miklos & Jason Kingsley spit-roast Alex Fuerte
SCENE 5: Arpad Miklos & Jason Kingsley spit-roast Alex Fuerte
House painters Alex Fuerte, Arpad Miklos and Jason Kingsley drop their brushes and grab their cocks in a manly competition to see who has the bigger dick. It’s hard to tell so they all take turns jacking each other off and pulling on their own fat cocks. Miklos opens wide to take Kingsley’s giant uncut cock to the base, while Fuerte falls to his knees to suck on Miklos’ huge tool. The train changes course when the action switches to ass-eating. The teamwork continues when Kingsley thrust-fucks Fuerte’s primed, dripping ass while Fuerte sucks, licks and slimes Miklos’ huge tool. Miklos and Kingsley switch holes, leaving Fuerte in the middle. Miklos throws all 210 pounds of rock hard muscle and 11 inches of cock deep into Fuerte’s ass. Despite the forceful fucking, Fuerte never takes his full lips off of Kingsley’s thick, fat man meat. Being the center of attention, Fuerte ends up on his knees with his two giant work mates pounding their colossal cocks in his face. They cover Fuerte in cum, which he quickly adds to with his own white-hot load.


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