studio / film series: Raw Castings

RAW CASTINGS 564 Colt Phobos bareback

Studio: Raw Castings
Directed by: Bailey
Year of Production / Release: 2016
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Colton Phobos

Colt is on the couch today because he is “ready to shoot some porn!” He is also unemployed and broke, which is a common occurrence on this casting couch. As the director gets intrusive in his questioning, he finds that Colt is a real-live sex addict. He has been with girls, couples, guys, you name it. He has also done almost everything, he says. Colt believes that when it comes to guys, his best skill is giving head, but when it comes to what he enjoys most with guys, he thinks getting fucked doggie style is his best skill. Colt’s only worry about his performance is being able to cum. As the casting director snaps some photos, Colt gives us a little show while he is getting undressed. This pornstar wannabe certainly isn’t shy or bashful! Colt is covered in ink, which definitely give him a “bad boy” look. It’s a look that is popular these days, so the director is eager to see what he can do. Colt starts out sucking cock. He does a pretty good job and seems to know his way around a pole. He licks the balls, slurps on the head, deepthroats the whole thing, and he certainly has the casting director hard as a rock! Once it comes time for fucking, the director asks “You want it? Tell me how you want?” Colt responds, “Deep and hard!” Well, he definitely gets it deep and hard . With his legs in the air and a cock up his ass, Colt looks great. He even does the splits while he is getting barebacked! This is one flexible bi guy! After missionary, The director has Colt on the floor getting raw fucked in doggie style. The director doesn’t hold back from slapping Colt’s nice asscheeks, either. Colt loves it, and begins to rapidly back up on the cock. His performance comes across a lot more “voracious bottom” than “bad boy,” that’s for sure. He continues to get slapped and fucked hard for a long time. Finally the casting guy has Colt cum, and then he dumps a very substantial load right onto Colt’s tongue. Although he looks completely worn out after the raw fuck fest, Colt is still looking good. He is also happy, both about the dick and the prospect of making some dough.

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