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Studio: Raw JOXXX
Directed by: Tyler Reed
Year of Production / Release: 2012
Country of Production: Czech Republic

Nick Daniels
Jack Harper [Jack Harrer]
Tomm Black / Zack Hood
Martin Love
Danny Lopez
Tyler Reed
Christian Rock
Buster Sly

Watch or Download the scenes at: BREED ME RAW

Hairy Raw Top Tomm Black was running thru the forest when he ran into Nick Daniels having a smoke. Then Buster Sly and Christian Rock have at each other in a sling in the dungeon room while Jack Harper barebacks the hot Phat ass of Danny Lopez who was just begging to get his holes used again!

SCENE 1: Tomm Black & Nick Daniels
Muscle jock Tomm Black was on his regular jogging path in the forest when he came across a hot young boy Nick Daniels having a cigarette. Tomm being a health freak stopped and slapped the cigarette from Nick’s hands and figured he would give him something to smoke on. Wiping out his cock he forced Nick to start sucking his uncut man meat and inhaling it all down to the base like a good little cock sucker boy. Tomm then got to playing with Nick’s hot hole and getting it all wet so he could bareback it and teach this boy a lesson.

SCENE 2: Buster Sly & Christian Rock
When you have two big dicks in a sling room there is a good chance both guys are gonna be taking it raw. Christian Rock’s big white dick again Buster Sly’s thicker black fuck stick was a match waiting to happen. Each take a turn deep throating each other’s man meat and making other moan and beg for more. But Buster is the first one to jump in the sling and open his legs to let his phat ass swallow a nice long white rod. Christian thinks he has the upper hand but Buster quickly puts Christian in the sling and teaches him how to take big black cock – all bareback.

SCENE 3: Martin Love & Jack Harper
Jack Harper walks into the doctor’s office with a problem. He had a raging hard-on and didn’t know what to do with it. Well Dr. Martin Love knew exactly how to fix it. He shoved it in his mouth right down to the base. But It only made it harder. So Dr. Love proceeded with further examination and checked out Jack’s ass by eating it out and getting it all wet and sloppy with his tongue. When that didn’t work Dr. Love shoved his thick uncut meat up his patient’s hole bareback and pumped until Jack’s cock blew a load and his hard-on went away. Dr. Love knows how to treat his patients.

SCENE 4: Tyler Reed & Danny Lopez
It’s been a few months since I fucked Danny Lopez so this time I did not waste time getting into his ass. After just a few minutes of this bottom slut sucking my cock and getting me rock hard and flipped him on his stomach with his phat ass waiting to be penetrated by my thick cock. I slide my raw dick up there and starting power fucking that bubble butt like I always do. Flipping him on his back and even drilling it deeper so he can feel right down to the base. Then I pulled out so he could suck my cock and taste is own ass before I put him on his stomach one more time with legs spread far so I could cream his sweet Latin ass. There is a reason why this is a breeding video.


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