Real Guys Exposed REAL GUYS EXPOSED - SHOW & TELL Fantastic Foreskin Real Guys Exposed REAL GUYS EXPOSED - SHOW & TELL Fantastic Foreskin

Studio: Fantastic Foreskin / Real Guys Exposed
Directed by: Robert Chandler
Year of Production / Release: 2010
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Conner Habib
Jack London
Shane Matthews
Mikey Mike
Charles Rod
Mathew Shawn
Jeff Thomas [Kirby Thomas ]

DVD Compilation of On-Line Only Presentations at Fantastic Foreskin / Real Guys Exposed

Real Guys Exposed: Show and Tell features the guys who might live next door or the guys you wished lived next door! Come get to know the guys as they open up personally, physically and sexually. Most of these guys have never been naked in front of the camera, so they’ve got a lot of spunk to share with you!

Calvin Exposed
Calvin came to the shoot armed with a bad boy attitude, wild wavy hair, lean body, rough good looks. 21 year-old Calvin would make any man melt with his laid-back San Franciscan attitude and sleepy eyes. Heís straight and needs to be sexually dominant; itís all about the money and control. In fact, Calvin says his appeal to guys is that he doesnít want them. Not any more at least. He says he went through an extended ìguy phaseî in his youth. Now, he only lets guys lick his hard-on for hard cash. This guy really has it. It was hard to resist putting the camera down to stroke his floppy hair and man-handle his floppy foreskin. And what a foreskin! Smooth and long, Calvin loves being uncut and he loves working the skin over the shaft. We think you’ll love watching him as much as we enjoyed filming him. Watch the camera trace Calvin’s body from the sexy fur patch on his chest, down a hot treasure trail, to where he works that thick, uncut cock while bouncing his beautiful ball sack in rhythm to his strokes. Calvin likes to make sure he gets the job done and we’re glad he does!

Brady Exposed
Smart, sexy and forceful, 19-year old Brady arrived for his shoot on his motorcycle. We knew we were off to a good start. He’s a versatile bi-sexual (but we think he like guys more – a lot more!) with an amazing smooth ass and a free spirit. Brady is as hot as can be. Brady is also a romantic. He tells us about what it takes to get him into bed (hint: it’s going to involve dinner and a walk on the beach) as well as spilling the details about his first sexual experience with his best friend. We were taken his mesmerizing smile above his short goatee until he ripped his boxers off to reveal a hard, large cut cock (nestled in the hottest untrimmed bush we’ve ever seen) ready and waiting for attention. Fuck the smile! He works his meaty shaft, forcing his big balls to bounce until he shoots a hot load of cum all over his stomach as only a 19-year old can. An awesome ending to hot session!

Mathew Shawn Exposed
Those lips! That tight, tone, tan twink body! Those exotic Latino good looks! That uninhibited, reckless sex drive! We had the best time with Mathew in Palm Springs as he opened up and stripped down. The 22-year old bottom tells us he loves to be used and tossed around in bed. Sign us up! His smooth, sinewy body looks good in or out of his cute briefs. Watch him poolside as he uses his tattooed arms and long fingered hands to work his large, cut dick into a frenzy. He gets pursued a lot and we can see why!

Conner Habib Exposed
Furry and frisky, dark and sexy, Conner is one of our favorite guys. He comes from a Syrian background, but has the sexual adventurousness of a real San Franciscan. His ever-present five o’clock shadow hints at the fuzzy chest under his shirt. Conner shared some of his deepest sexual desires to us (He wants to be gang banged in a packed bar!) before stripping off his clothes and working his hot dick into one of the most spectacular cum explosions we’ve ever had the joy to witness. A real massive eruption Conner cums like an animal! We love Conner because hes a man who knows what he wants. He loves sex, he loves his body and he loves his dick. Most of all, he likes sharing it with another guy.

Shane Matthews Exposed
Shane is the kind of guy everyone wants. He’s blonde, tall, toned, laid back, smart and full of charm. He’s a versatile gay stud with an athletic build that stands over 6 feet tall. He’s got a flawless, 8-inch cut cock which looks great in or out of briefs. He thinks kissing is the most important thing ever. How hot is that?! When he’s horny, he likes to take care of it right away. But he held back from jerking it a few days before seeing us and we’re glad he did. His all-American boner was standing at attention and ready to go. Get ready to witness a two-fisted explosion of cum you won’t want to miss!

Jack London Exposed
Jack London is like a big kid ó full of energy and hard to focus. But when he does, he has Latino charm to spare. Heís got laugh that will make you smile and a tight, brown, muscular body that will make you smile harder. Jack is a sizzling-hot bad boy with dark, curly hair, and irresistible dark eyes. It was a real blast spending time with him. Heís wildly unpredictable, like a bad kid you canít help loving. Heíd check his cell phone during the interview or bust up laughing as he worked the foreskin over his massive cock. But his bad behavior only made us love him (and want him) more. He has a wicked sense of humor and an incredible laugh which can break out at the most unexpected times. But best of all, hanging between those muscular sexy legs is a colossal, downward curving uncut cock that is a force of nature! He knows hes big and it makes him cocky. He told us: Finding a guy with a bigger dick is like finding a unicorn it’s rare and its a wonder. And with that huge, uncut 9 inch cock Jack truly is a wonder! See him work his cock, tensing every muscle in his body until he spews a huge load of cum. It doesn’t get hotter than this!

Charles Rod Exposed
Charles doesn’t look like your typical porn star. We haven’t seen many porn starts with his dark, exotic Indian looks before. That’s unfortunate. Charles is hot. Really hot. He’s got a massive uncut dick, wicked body, captivating smile and sexy attitude. Not afraid to talk about what turns him on. Touch Charles nipples and his dick will go crazy! He also tell us that despite his monster dick, he has taken many a man’s back-door virginity. Either those guys are crazy or Charles is very persuasive, because that’s a tree-trunk hanging between his legs. We were thrilled to get bi-sexual Charles out of his clothes to see his massive dick in person. It’s big, uncut and instantly rock hard. Not even Charles can resist his own man-size slice of dark meat. We got to see him sucking his own tool and eating his own cum! It was a sight we’ll never forget and one we’re sure you’ll want to watch over and over. We know yourself love Charles as much as we do. And, if you are a brave soul who want to lose his virginity, you know where to go.

Jeff Thomas Exposed
Life is easy for Jeff Thomas. He’s a golden, cocky, charming, confident and hung outdoors man. He’s a surfer who was on break from a landscaping job when he came to see Real Guys Exposed in Houston. Over thirty, his rugged lifestyle is reflected by his tan handsome features, toned limbs and ass. He has a smoking body with an incredible set of abs accented by a panther tattoo rising from his thick, 8-inch cut cock. He loves his dick and he knows how to use it. See him work it, oozing precum to lube up his long, hard shaft. Jeff is hot as hell and he knows it. He loves to be watched and his dick got even harder when he was particularly aware of the camera exploring every inch of his tight body. We’re sure you’re gonna love to do the same.

Troy Exposed
Brooding and boyish, some people say Troy looks like Spider-Man’s Tobey Maguire. Some see Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliff. Either way, Troy is a blockbuster. This 18-year old twink lifeguard isn’t ashamed of being naked and he was eager to show off for Real Guys Exposed. Troy’s sleepy, seductive eyes can drive anyone wild. When Troy pulled his underwear off, we get even more crazy. His sleek, toned body was so tight a real lifeguard fantasy and his uncut cock was already hard and dripping. Troy never came for the camera, but we sure loved watching him work his tasty foreskin over that hard, youthful dick. This is Troy’s first time on camera!

Skylar Exposed
An adventurous kind of guy, Skylar is willing to try anything at least once. This cute, blonde dancer is an eager bottom from Palm Springs who thrives on attention and loves showing off his clean, cut cock. He spends his nights go go dancing in Pam Springs where he love the attention. And no wonder he gets so much attention. This little twink is packing some massive heat in his pants! He also has a hot ass that just begs to be eaten and played with. Watching what he does to work himself up with a dildo will make you want to jump right in and take over. It leave him and us breathless!

Mikey Mike Exposed
We don’t often have straight guys at Real Guys Exposed but we couldn’t resist Mikey Mike. He was so eager! And once we saw that tasty uncut dick we were sold. Mikey is a tall, dark and well-built hetero who is all about about his muscled body. He loves to work out and show off it off. He enjoys anyone who admires his body and meaty, uncut cock and large balls. He may be straight, but he knows guys check him out in the showers and he loves it! Who could blame them. Mikey flexes and strips for us before he gets down to business, working that big dick and caressing his own muscles until he shoots his creamy load on his brown skin.



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