Studio: Pantheon Productions
Directed by: Chris Roma
Year of Production / Release: 2008
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Robert Black
Matthew Ford
Truman Hunter
Josh Kole
Geoffrey O’Toole
Scott Parker
Jaren Taylor
David Teal

SCENE 1: Jaren Taylor fucks Geoffrey O’Toole
SCENE 2: Truman Hunter fucks Scott Parker
SCENE 3: Matthew Ford fucks the cum out of Josh Kole
SCENE 4: Robert Black and David Teal suck each other off
SCENE 5: Jaren Taylor fucks Scott Parker

Real Men Volume 16 – Sometimes a businessman needs to take a break from the office to loosen up his tie, unzip his pants and get some relief from another man. Watch these eight men as they get off in and out of their suits.


Jaren Taylor and Geoffrey O’Toole
Jaren’s had a long flight and he’s just checking into his hotel. Fortunately Geoffrey O’Toole is the very friendly stud working the desk at the hotel. Geoffrey takes a little extra time to make sure Jaren gets settled into his room. Before he knows it, suit daddy Jaren is filling his hungry hole with his big, stiff cock!

Scott Parker and Truman Hunter
Scott has just arrived in Palm Springs from a long road trip. It’s tough being a traveling businessman sometimes. After he checks into his room, he’s sees maintenance man Truman swaggerin’ by. Scott’s a sucker for a big-dicked blue-collar man, so he follows Truman and the two go at it around back. 

Josh Kole and Matthew Ford
Josh is a hard working businessman and he needs some relief when he gets home. He’s a lucky man, because he gets to come home to Matthew Ford lying by the pool, just waiting to suck on his daddy’s huge cock. Before this scene is over Matthew is fucking the cum out of his daddy Josh. 

Robert Black and David Teal
David is in a hurry to get an appointment when he passes Robert slowly walking by giving him the eye. Robert lures David into a back alley, then he proceeds to take advantage of his hairy, hung catch. David doesn’t mind being late for a meeting for a stud like Robert with his muscled body underneath his shirt and tie. 

Scott Parker and Jaren Taylor
The two traveling businessmen are nearing the end of their trip when they bump into each other. These two men don’t waste time getting hot and hard with each other. Scott is rock hard while he’s taking Jaren’s big dick up his ass. He certainly won’t forget this business trip for a long time. 


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