Studio: Pantheon Productions
Directed by: Walter Romero
Year of Production / Release: 2009
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Tony Daniels [Dino DePalma]
Massimo Forte
Conner Habib
Derrick Hanson
Tim Kelly
Nick Moretti
Steve Parker
Matthew Rush
Allen Silver

SCENE 1: Matthew Rush and Tim Kelly flip-fuck
SCENE 2: Nick Moretti fucks the cum out of Conner Habib
SCENE 3: Steve Parker and Allen Silver flip-fuck
SCENE 4: Massimo Forte fucks Derrick Hanson
SCENE 5: Tim Kelly fucks Tony Daniels

In REAL MEN VOLUME 17: BRIEF ENCOUNTERS it’s all about the underwear, or more to the point, the hot men in the underwear. Each of the five scenes feature two hot men getting each other horny and hard in – and then out of – their briefs. For everyone who just can’t decide if men are hotter in or out of their underwear, we give you the best of both worlds. Featuring hot muscle-stud Matthew Rush in his first sex scene (with sexy daddy Tim Kelly) since finishing his exclusive contract with Falcon Studios.

SCENE 1: Matthew Rush and Tim Kelly flip-fuck
In the locker-room, underwear-clad daddy Tim Kelly is lucky enough to catch muscle-stud Matthew Rush as he pulls up his briefs over his ample and muscular ass.  A quick smile from Matthew is all it takes for Tim to take action and get his hands all over and in Matthew’s underwear.  The two work their way to the showers where some hot oral action ensues.  When the water comes on, the fun really begins, as these two hunks soak each other’s underwear.  Tim’s the first to dive in, putting his long daddy-dick right up Matthew’s sweet crack.  The two first fuck standing in the shower and then on a nearby bench, before Matthew decides it’s his turn.  He orders Tim to sit on his fat cock and Tim happily obliges.  Tim takes a nice long ride before bending over for more of Matthew’s meat.  The two then blow together and breathless, smile and kiss.

SCENE 2: Nick Moretti fucks the cum out of Conner Habib
Sexy boy Conner Habib wants to make his daddy, Nick Moretti, proud as they enter a sex club for the first time together.  Nick assures him he’ll do him proud and they go at it on a leather bench.  Conner spends a good long time getting Nick’s thick and long cock nice and wet, gagging on it from time to time.  Nick has a beautifully curved dick, the kind that curves upward –  perfect for fucking.  So fucking is what he does and young Conner takes it on his knees, on his belly and finally on his back before they both blow huge loads.  Daddy is proud of his boy and tells him so.

SCENE 3: Steve Parker and Allen Silver flip-fuck
We return to the locker-room where daddies Steve Parker and Allen Silver are both in the process of dressing.  Allen drops his towel (was it an accident?) revealing his meaty ass, wrapped beautifully in white briefs, to Steve.  Steve cocks his head and then heads with his cock straight to Allen, where they explore each other through their underwear.  Steve has had enough of them and rips the back of Allen’s briefs revealing his furry bum.  He first licks and then fucks Allen through his torn underwear.  Allen wants some of Steve’s bubble-butt so he puts him on his knees and rips open his underwear to reveal his sweet hole.  After lots of licking and finger-play, Allen takes his time getting into Steve’s very tight hole.  But Steve likes it on top most so he gets Allen on his back and he gets back on Allen, fucking until he produces a huge milky load (Steve always has huge loads).  Allen returns the favor and pours a sweet load onto Steve’s belly.

SCENE 4: Massimo Forte fucks Derrick Hanson
Just waking up and bleary-eyed, Italian daddy Massimo Forte thinks he spies his young stud Derrick Hanson dressing at the closet.  As his eyes clear, he hones in on Derrick’s firm ass, wrapped perfectly in tight, white briefs.  The sight is one to behold, and his ass in one to be holding so that’s what Massimo does.  He rubs and kisses Derrick’s sweet bum and the two head to the bed where he feeds Derrick his big uncut cock.  When he’s ready, he puts Derrick on his shoulders and licks his juicy hole until he’s ready to pound it, and pound it he does — on Derrick’s back, on his knees and on his belly.  The two blow together on the bed and lay spent on the bed.

SCENE 5: Tim Kelly fucks Tony Daniels
Beefy and ripped young stud Tony Daniels is hanging out one Sunday morning with his daddy Tim Kelly (did he tell about the shower?) old school, with newspapers in hand.  But Tony’s got other things in mind and his foot knows what that thing is, as it presses against Tim’s crotch.  Tim knows what’s up and the paper is soon put down for more exciting events involving Tony’s beckoning hole.  Tim gets right on Tony’s ass and gets in it soon after.  The early morning light bathes these two beauties as they fuck on the living room couch.  Tony eventually rides Tim’s huge cock until he blows a monster load on Tim’s legs.  Tim then blows a long-lasting load as they lay together on the sofa.



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