Pantheon Productions REAL MEN VOLUME 19: ABANDON Pantheon Productions REAL MEN VOLUME 19: ABANDON Pantheon Productions REAL MEN VOLUME 19: ABANDON
Studio: Pantheon Productions
Directed by: Chris Roma
Year of Production / Release: 2009
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Kegan Daniels
Rob Lawrence
Greg Mitchell
Xavier St. Jude
Paul Stag
Ray Stone
Denny Taylor
Rob Thomas
Trey Walker
Karl Williams

SCENE 1: Rob Lawrence fucks Trey Walker
SCENE 2: Ray Stone fucks Xavier St. Jude
SCENE 3: Karl Williams fucks Kegan Daniels
SCENE 4: Greg Mitchell fucks and dildo-fucks Rob Thomas
SCENE 5: Paul Stag dildo-fucks Denny Taylor

a•ban•don [uh-ban-duh n] To yield oneself without restraint or moderation; give oneself over to natural impulse without self-control.

   You’ll have no choice but to yield to the hot hard-core action when you see these 10 amazing hot leather daddies and begging boys restrain, whip, fuck and fist each other in Pantheon’s newest leather movie, Abandon. Director Chris Roma wanted to push all boundaries in making his most extreme leather movie yet. So he found the hot, piggy men willing to do almost anything and let them go at each other with complete abandon. The action got so hot he just kept the cameras rolling resulting in three hours of incredible hard-core action. If you like your leather men sweaty, wet and used without anything left on the table, then ABANDON: Hard-Core Director’s Cut is the movie for you. Shot in incredible High Definition!

SCENE 1: Trey Walker and Rob Lawrence
Incredibly hung Rob Lawrence is pumping his already huge 10-inch cock into an even bigger, fatter piece of meat. Out of the shadows comes chiseled and hung new-comer Trey Walker. It’s amazing he’s never done porn before. Rob stops pumping his cock because he knows he’s going to get to pump some ass soon. Trey first drops to his knees and unhinges his jaw to get his mouth around Rob’s pulsating prick. The two suck and rim until Rob has to get at that ass and quickly slides right into Trey’s amazing and welcoming hole. After a fuck on Trey’s belly, they move to the sling where Rob pounds Trey into submission and Trey spews forth a healthy load. Rob then gets in the sling, where Trey works his hole with his tongue and fingers.

SCENE 2: Ray Stone and Xavier St. Jude
Darkness. That’s all Xavier can see. He’s blindfolded and bound. He can hear his master is near; can smell him. Beefy and hung Ray Stone is in full control here. He works Xavier’s nips with clothes pins, sucks on his beautiful cock and kisses him gently – tantalizingly. The action moves to a table, where Xavier is again bound and Ray finally feeds him what he’s been wanting, what we’ve all been wanting, Ray’s fat cock. Xavier slurps it greedily and begs to be fucked, so Ray mounts him from behind and pounds his hairy hole. He flips him and fucks him some more before Xavier blows his load. Ray then gives Xavier his milky load while sitting on his chest.

SCENE 3: Kegan Daniels and Karl Williams
We’ve got another bound boy here. This time, though, it’s young, hung, red-headed stud Kegan Daniels, his hands tied high above his head as he sits and hopes for his daddy to come to him. Soon his daddy does come, and his daddy is handsome Karl Williams. Karl worships his boy’s body for a while before untying him and the two go at it on a leather-clad bed. They kiss and suck for a good long time before Karl gives Kegan a good fuck. The tables get turned though and boy ties daddy to the bed and fucks him good and hard with his huge red-topped cock! Finally, the two lay in each other’s arms and blow nice and hard.

SCENE 4: Greg Mitchell and Rob Thomas
Toys and fucking are what it’s all about in this hot sling scene. Rob and Greg kiss and suck in a dungeon before Greg opens Rob up with some good old fashioned fucking in a sling. That’s only a warm-up, though, because Greg has bigger plans for Rob. He then moves to a nice big long dildo that Rob takes good and deep. Rob is loose and juicy now and Greg gets his big uncut cock back inside and fucks, fucks, fucks until he blows a nice big load.

SCENE 5: Denny Taylor and Paul Stag
Leather alpha-daddy Paul Stag makes sure sub-boy Denny knows who is in charge in this scene. Denny is tied to a St. Andrews Cross and is teased with a hot cigar — near his nips and his cock. Paul then works Denny’s nips with some serious clamps before getting the flogger out. Denny gets it good and hard both front and back until he’s glowing red. Denny is feeling good and used but Paul decides he needs some more so he works Denny’s hole with a dildo until Denny shoots a load on the floor. Paul then sits over Denny’s face and strokes his huge uncut cock til he blows a nice juicy load.



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