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Titan Media / Titan Fresh Richie Oldmann RESERVE DUTY Titan Media / Titan Fresh Richie Oldmann RESERVE DUTY
Studio: Titan Media / Titan Fresh
Directed by: Richie Oldmann
Year of Production / Release: 2010
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Thomas Divila [Thomas Dyk]
Ron Sykora [Chad Driver]
Craig Farell
Jarek Soldan [Jerry Harris]
Giacomo Jaros [Egon Huska]
Jakub Kostas
Joey Pastorek [Joey Intenso]

SCENE 1: Thomas Divila and Jarek Soldan fuck Joey Pastorek
SCENE 2: Giacomo Jaros and Jakub Kostas Craig Farell
SCENE 3: Jakub Kostas fucks Ron Sykora

If you’re in the mood for a pack of smoking hot, hung and sweaty young army studs fucking outdoors under a baking summer sun, you’re going to definitely want to check out the guys in Reserve Duty. Hard-bodied, big-dicked Jakub Kostas wanders the back roads of the countryside one summer day, dick in hand and ready to fuck, when he comes across lean, smooth Joey Pastorek, muscle stud Thomas Divila and handsome Jarek Soldan sucking and banging butt in the tall grass. Further down the road, Jakub finds a beefy hot pair of muscle studs— Giacomo Jaros and Craig Farell—and decides to have his way with them, fucking Craig’s hard round ass after Craig chows down on their cocks until all three are blasting their cum everywhere. As the warm day draws to a close, Jakub finds lean sex pig Ron Sykora alone in a barn and puts a smile on his face by skewering his beefy bubble butt with his fat cock, banging Ron’s ass in every position until both guys erupt with jizz all over the hay.

Titan Media / Titan Fresh Richie Oldmann RESERVE DUTY
SCENE 1: Joey Pastorek, Thomas Divila and Jarek Soldan
Joey Pastorek, Thomas Divila and Jarek Soldan are walking along a country path on a sunny summer day, looking hot in black tank tops and army fatigues. The horned-up trio gives directions to a fellow soldier (tall, ripped Jakub Kostas), who then continues on his way. The three guys stop in a clearing, strip each other naked and start stroking each other’s raging hardons. As Jarek wolfs down his buddies’ thick uncut cocks, Jakub reappears out of the woods, stroking his dick while watching the unfolding scene. He blows his load in the grass and beats a hasty retreat, moving on to continue his stroll. Thomas and Joey take turns licking and swallowing Soldan’s shaft, then Thomas goes it alone on the other two guys until they paste his thick pecs with jizz and he pumps his own sticky cum into the grass.
   Joey offers up his incredibly muscular ass to Thomas, who tongues his hole while Jarek drives his stiff rod down Joey’s throat. Thomas then plunges his condomed cock deep down Joey’s fuck hole, then Jarek pulls on a rubber and takes a turn hammering Joey’s butt. Joey takes a ride on Thomas’ cock, sliding up and down from head to balls until Thomas pulls out and sprays his ass cheeks with sperm while Jarek hoses him down with more cum. All this jizz pushes Joey over the edge, and he blasts his own load all over himself to mix in with the rest.

Titan Media / Titan Fresh Richie Oldmann RESERVE DUTY
SCENE 2: Giacomo Jaros, Craig Farell and Jakub Kostas
Giacomo Jaros and Craig Farell are two incredibly hot and muscled military guys camping in a field. You can’t stuff two guys as large and hung as these in a small tent without repercussions; pent-up with lust, they crawl out of their tent half naked and Craig starts face fucking Giacomo with his thick, meaty cock. Jakub appears out of the woods and joins them, shoving his donkey dick down Giacomo’s throat. Craig services his two buddies’ cocks until they drench his wide, smooth chest with their cum, then he jacks out his own thick load. Giacomo feasts on Craig’s hole and meaty ass while Craig inhales Jakub’s fat tool, then Jakub and Giacomo take turns pounding Craig into submission before they pull out of his well-used holes and drench him in a fountain of sperm.

Titan Media / Titan Fresh Richie Oldmann RESERVE DUTY
SCENE 3: Jakub Kostas and Ron Sykora
Jakub continues his walk and comes across a barn where he finds Ron Sykora looking sexy in a green tank top and fatigues. The guys strip and take turns sucking each other’s fat uncut cocks as they kneel in the hay. They 69, grunting, moaning and choking on each other’s fat cocks. Jakub lobs a couple of spit wads onto Ron’s pucker hole, then dicks him doggy style before flipping him on his back and continuing to skewer his ass. Jakub ultimately pulls his cum cannon out of Ron’s vicelike hole and launches a huge wad of cum all over him while Ron groans, gasps and shoots his own load, coating himself in dripping semen.


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