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Alexander Pictures RIO CITY SEX Alexander Pictures RIO CITY SEX
Studio: Alexander Pictures
Directed by: Alexander
Year of Production / Release: 2009
Country of Production: Brazil / Argentina / U.S.A.

Alef Carvalho
Diego Coelho
Alonzo Lemen
Alvaro Lima
Tommy Lima
Estevam Lobo
Marcelo Mastro / Marcelo Sousa
Riu Melo
Josue Otaviano
Martino Paiva
Nuno Santos

Rio City Sex is another hot film from Alexander Pictures. It features a lot of gorgeous, hung studs doing what they do best behind closed doors. As usual, Alexander has managed to turn up some of Brazil’s finest specimens. These men are humpy, horny, hung and raring to go. There’s not a bit of film wasted. Alexander’s movies promise to bring you a couple cum-gushing orgasms of your own while you watch guys force their too-big-cocks into holes you are sure can’t take them.

SCENE 1: Alef Carvalho & Diego Coelho
Alexander opens up this film with the kind of South American beauty that we’ve all come to expect. Alef Carvalho and Diego Coelho start slow and easy, enjoying each other’s muscled up bodies and a hot make-out session before Alef gets down and moistens Diego’s massive cock for its dive into his tight hole. During the entire scene it’s nearly impossible to stop staring at Alef’s amazing body. Besides being gorgeous, he makes it obvious that his hole is barely able to accommodate Diego’s prick. Diego doesn’t seem to mind. He uses a few slow strokes to open Alef up and then goes to town with a fast and furious pounding. A couple of positions later, Alef’s back is covered in Diego’s huge nut before he sits back and busts his own load on his flat abs. Big dick, hot bods, great tats… a strong start for another multi-load inspiring film from Alexander Pictures!

SCENE 2: Estevam Lobo & Tommy Lima
It hardly seems like an Alexander Pictures release without pretty-boy Tommy Lima. In the second scene of Rio City Sex, Tommy opens up with an introduction to the audience that leads into another hot lip-lock. The kissing really seems to turn up the passion and before long Tommy’s on his knees with another piece of Rio’s finest in his mouth. Estevam Lobo has tan lines that will make you want to book a trip to Rio’s beaches even while you’re fisting your own meat and watching Tommy swallow his giant, uncut prick. When Estevam turns Tommy around and starts working on that pornorific hole of his, Tommy’s excitement is clear. Estevam fucks like he’d climb all the way inside Tommy’s hole if he could. They go at it hard and loud. They are both talkers and it only makes the sex that much hotter. Tommy’s hole takes a lot of punishment before these studs shoot their loads. It’s the kind of punishment that’s fun to watch if you can make yourself last as long as they do!

SCENE 3: Marcelo Sousa & Riu Melo
Riu Melo is a smaller guy and it lends to his looking a little more innocent than a lot of the veteran studs that show up on the screen with Alexander Pictures. He’s a hot contrast to the street-wise look of Marcelo Sousa. Seeing Marcelo’s super-girthy dick try to make it’s way into Riu’s slight mouth is fucking incredible. Riu’s hand hardly makes it around Marcelo’s fat cock. It makes you start fantasizing about the sure-to-come-ass-stretching long before it happens. A prick like that next to a boy like Riu makes you want to take bets on whether or not it will fit! It’s not too long until we find out that a little patience on Marcelo’s part gets the job done. His dick is tearing up that hole in no time. Then it’s ass-to-mouth as Riu is back on his knees trying his best to fit that over-sized dong in his mouth before a second bout of Marcelo cock-boxing his ass. Riu comes with Marcelo still between his legs before Marcelo adds his own creamy load to Riu’s tight stomach.

SCENE 4: Alvaro Lima & Alonzo Lemen
Hot make-out sessions are the theme of this film. Watching hot guys really enjoy each other in such a passionate way really adds to the action. Alvaro Lima and Alonzo Lemen are no exception. These guys kiss and grope each other out of their clothes before really getting down to business. Before long, Alvaro has his pink lips around Alonzo’s impressive hardon. The noise he makes while sucking Alonzo off is hot as fuck. He really seems to enjoy giving head and Alonzo seems to be impressed with the work his cock is receiving. He pays Alvaro back for that blow job with a nice ass-fucking over the dining room table. Alvaro is my favorite kind of bottom. He’s jacking his hard dick the whole time he’s getting fucked and when he gets down to finish Alonzo’s dick off he can’t keep himself from nutting all over the floor.

SCENE 5: Martino Paiva, Josue Otaviano, & Nuno Santos
A couple of guys sharing a room might consider locking the door before they start going at it. Martino Paiva and Nuno Santos might have thought that had they not jumped so quickly into bed. When you are in the middle of a kissing and feeling up your roommate, though, you just don’t think of such things. Lucky for these guys, too. They aren’t naked and hard for long before Josue Otaviano walks in to enjoy the show. It’s even less time before he gets his big, black cock out for them to see. Josue Otaviano is one of those lucky guys who is gifted with a huge prick that still gets hard as a rock. Watching Martino suck on it shows just how rigid it is and the grin on Josue’s face makes it clear he likes how things are going. After a little bit of sharing Josue’s prick with Nuno, Martino gets on his back and lifts his feet in the air for the late arrival. Josue goes right to it. He forces his big ol’ prick in that boy’s hole like a pro. Martino seems like he might not have been as ready as he thought for the fucking but he warms up to it. Nuno is jacking off as his friends put on a show but once Martino cums Josue needs a new hole to jack his dick off with. Nuno helps to finish what Martino started and gets a big load of cum on his chest as a result. With a sticky load still across his chest, Nuno treats his buds to the site of his own jack off. These three guys really know how to spend an afternoon.
   While this movie won’t prepare you to tour the streets of Rio, it will prepare you to tour the men who live there. Rio is famous for a lot of things and the least of them is certainly not what is found in another great collection of hot and horny guys put together by Alexander Pictures. Good luck keeping it in your pants for this one.


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