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Studio: Falcon Studios / Jocks
Directed by: John Summers, John Travis
Year of Release / Production: 1987
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Leigh Erickson
Alan Fox
Drake Horton [Vinnie Marino]
Joe Gibbons
Jason Lowe
Eric Radford
The Mystery Skier

From John Summers and John Travis, the team that brought you Two Handfuls, comes “The Ultimate Masturbation Fantasy”. Slickly photographed against highly stylized, minimal sets, this video shows that onanism can be exciting, gratifying and fun. Seven men, all handsome and clean-shaven with smooth, muscular chests and large cocks, bring themselves off to the accompaniment of voice-over narration that is both erotic and adds to the intimacy of each solo. Masturbation sessions being with Leigh Erickson waking up in the morning, removing his jockey shorts, stroking his cock, fingering his asshole, and licking cum off of his finger once he’s shot. Jason Lowe lays in a tub of soapy warm water and washes himself with a washcloth. He beats his thick tool and finishes his segment while standing on his bed. Preppy, yuppie executive Eric Radford is alone in the office and takes the chance to pump his semi-hard meat and rub his butt before exploding a giant load on his stomach. Narcissistic Drake Horton wears Speedos while doing calisthenics. After pumping iron, he pumps his pud to orgasm on the bench press. Joe Gibbons worships himself in front of a mirror while having a leather fantasy. Watching himself get off, he shoots onto the mirrored glass. Ends with the Falcon Mystery Skier stroking on the toilet and Allen Fox jacking off like someone is watching him, performing for the voyeur in a collar and with handcuffs. As both the long and short versions of this film are crafted very well, offer photogenic, attractive men, and present various locales, the question to ask is which is better. Well, they are the same, except this one offers longer versions of the solos, thus, more is better.


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