Studio: High Octane / Body Prod.
Directed by: Herve Handsome / Hervé Bodilis
Year of Production / Release: 2005
Country of Production: Hungary

Zeno Alexander [Alfredo Castaldo]
Carl Cook
Fredy Costa
Langdon King [Chad Driver]
Leslie Manzel [Martin Hubai]
Irving Hunter
Randy Jones
Carson Lane
Iman Lee
Rob Nelson
Isak Ramos
Ritchy Segely
Patton Hall [Peter Stallion]
Rod Stevens
Julian Vincenzo
Gary Zabal

The jocks in Locker Room (also known as Score) work out more by drilling man butts than drilling on the soccer field. Two sizzling threeways feature ultra-sexy Vincenzo. He massages Jones, a beefy, bald, dark-skinned dude with a mountain of an ass. Rugged good-looker Nelson joins, and both guys focus on Jones’s awesome globes. When he turns over fully erect, you expect Jones to plow both asses with his thick, hard shaft, but he’s soon bent over, Vincenzo’s power piston filling his hind quarter. He bounces his torso on Nelson’s manhood. In a flip-flop he buries his big prick inside Nelson, and his massive butt looms as an awesome presence as he mercilessly sinks it deeper and deeper. When Vincenzo takes another turn, he’s so hard he has to bend his saluting pole to slide it between Nelson’s cheeks. He fucks the cum out of Nelson, goo splattering his abs as he keeps battering the well-worn hole. Tanned, tattooed Hunter goes from pumping air into soccer balls to pumping his thick log into blond Zabal’s hairy chute. Zabal redefines sexy submissiveness. Hunter presses his hands on the small of his arching back as he fucks him, supporting his full weight, pushing him back on his elbows again when he rises upright. Funky Manzel emerges from showering to see cutie pie Lee deep throating muscular Stevens and makes it an oral threeway. Lee dog fucks Stevens then switches to a manic-paced missionary fuck with Stevens gazing lustfully into Lee’s eyes. When Manzel takes over, standing on his toes to thrust deep, Stevens locks his stare on his new fucker’s eyes with equal appetite. Buffed twinks Lane and Ramos launch a torrid fourway with toe-curling foreplay. Hairy-chested Cook fondles Ramos’s butt as though he’s planning to fuck him silly but becomes Ramos’s eager bottom. As Ramos dog fucks Cook’s shaved hole, Lane fills redhead Alexander’s smooth tunnel face-to-face. These guys are totally into the group action, bottoms Cook and Alexander playing with each other’s swollen equipment while getting plowed. Alexander switches partners and rides Ramos’s cock then gets drenched by a triple bukkake. Vincenzo joins wiry Segely and drop-dead gorgeous Hall after their playful water fight melts into passionate lust. Segely gets boned at both ends, Hall filling his ass and Vincenzo his face. Segely sits on Hall’s stiff shaft then gives up his cute buns to Vincenzo frontally while Hall teabags him. Segely erupts big time while getting fucked. When Vincenzo starts shooting, Hall squats over Segely and spews ribbons, the first hitting Vincenzo on the chest as he’s still spilling seed. A sexy shower duo brings up the rear. King’s ass takes a heavy pounding from dream boat Costa’s throbbing anaconda after King orally preps the fearsome snake. Costa’s stuffing prompts a crescendo of primal groans from King, who has to grip the faucet for balance. After Costa coats his neck, King unloads while sucking the spent joy toy.


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