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Pride Studios / Circle Jerk Boys Young Men Fucking Gay Porn Stars Scott Cage Ian Ticing

Studio: Pride Studios / Circle Jerk Boys
Directed by: Gio Caruso
Year of Production / Release: 2014
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Scott Cage
Ian Ticing

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Swim practice has ended and Ian is hitting the showers to clean all the chlorine off his smooth body. He checks around to make sure he is alone and turns the water on to enjoy the shower. Scott comes walking in very quietly and Ian has no idea that he is being checked out from behind. Scott’s rubbing his cock while checking out Ian’s sexy round ass and he finally makes himself noticed by walking up and turning the shower head on which startles Ian. Scott begins to hit on Ian with brute force and he is taken aback by it but starts to become very horny as Scott tells him to suck his cock. They both start kissing and fondling each other’s bodies and Ian gets down on his knees and pulls out Scott’s big sexy cock. Ian deep throats that juicy cock while stroking his massive dick as well. Both of these huge tasty cocks just hanging out, being played with and sucked on eventually send Scott over the edge and he begs to be fucked by Ian’s gorgeous thick man meat. It takes some getting used to but Scott eventually gets broken in and Ian gets deep inside that tight ass. Two big ass cocks, one sexy round ass like never before, and loads of cum for all to lick up.

Pride Studios / Circle Jerk Boys


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