Hot House SCREW RIGHT TO THE POINT Alex Collack Collin O'Neal Kent Larson Tag Adams Joshua Adams Owen Hawk Tony Serrano Dillon Press Mario Ortiz Rick Gonzalez Rick Gonzales Troy Punk

Studio: Hot House
Directed by: Steven Scarborough
Year of Production / Release: 2004
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Joshua Adams
Tag Adams
Alex Collack
Rick Gonzales
Joey Harden
Owen Hawk
Kent Larson
Collin O’Neal
Mario Ortiz
Dillon Press
Troy Punk
Tony Serrano

Fuck the remote! Get right to the point with Screw, one of this year’s biggest megahits from Steven Scarborough and Hot House Video. Starring Hot House Exclusives Collin O’Neal and Alex Collack, Screw is packed from beginning to end with non-stop action and no filler. This Hardcore Director’s Cut Two-Disc Set is only available at So, fuck your remote! You won’t need it when you get Screw: Right to the Point!

Hot House SCREW RIGHT TO THE POINT Collin O'Neal fucks Kent Larson
SCENE 1: Collin O’Neal fucks Kent Larson

Screw opens right to the point with Hot House Exclusive Collin O’Neal and Kent Larson flicking their tongues into their mouths and making out like dogs in heat. In no time at all Collin goes down on the big hoss, slobbering on his pole then spinning him around so he can eat his perfect round muscle butt. They swap positions and Kent kneels to return the service, greedily sucking down all of Collin’s infamous meat. The camera puts you right under Kent’s huge ass, framed by a jockstrap, which he pushes out in anticipation of the torrid fuck that’s brewing. Wait ’till you get a peek at the size of his ass! This monster butt finally straddles Collin’s cock and rides it in a reverse cowboy position that keeps Kent’s rock-hard cock bouncing left and right like a metronome. Then Collin flips the giant over on his back and nails him to the floor. He fucks the cum out of Kent’s cock then shoots another infamous O’Neal cumshot up and over Kent’s head! The sight of these two gods furiously bucking and fucking is expertly captured and always keeps your eye on the point: Collin’s cock in Kent’s ass.

Hot House SCREW RIGHT TO THE POINT Mario Ortiz & Rick Gonzales fuck Tag Adams
SCENE 2: Mario Ortiz & Rick Gonzales fuck Tag Adams

Tag Adams has no idea what kind of trouble he’s about to find when not one but two big-dicked Hispanic boys (Mario Ortiz and Rick Gonzales) approach looking for service. If you like your meat big and brown (and we mean BIG), this filthy three-way will leave you breathless. Adams is immediately put to work on his knees as the two tag team his mouth with their giant pingas. We’re still trying to figure out how he fit both of their cocks in his mouth at the same time! Mario and Rick really get off on hearing the little white boy gag on their horsecocks. Unable to hold off any longer, Mario shoots a big spray of white jizz all over the black floor. Then Gonzales decides he wants Tag all to himself. He orders Mario to get the fuck away from ‘his bitch,’ then begins to punish-fuck Tag. The camera takes you from position to position until Tag is rolled back onto his neck with his butt straight up in the air. On a scale of 1-10, this fuck’s a 15! Gonzales shoots the biggest, thickest white load onto his upturned white ass, causing Tag to dump straight into his own open mouth. Order the Two Disc Set from and you’ll get the filthy scene continuation where Tag’s cum-covered face and butt gets hosed off in a watersport scene that’s so wrong it’s right to the point.

Hot House SCREW RIGHT TO THE POINT Troy Punk & Owen Hawk flip-fuck
SCENE 3: Troy Punk & Owen Hawk flip-fuck

Sexy, hung, confident Owen Hawk walks right up and grabs Troy Punk, Hot House’s newest discovery who makes his debut in Scene Three. They dispense with the initial groping and kissing and get right to some really greedy oral service. Watch as beefy blonde Punk devours Hawk’s cock, his own prick bobbing up and down between his knees. Then Owen slurps on Troy while his prick dances and flexes the whole time. The chemistry between these two is electric – it really shows as they begin to fuck each other in a flip-flop scene that will leave you wondering which side you’re on. The camera seamlessly gets in there to show you all the tight close-ups of the action you crave. We love watching Owen get fucked from behind while his horse-dick swings from his sweaty crotch. First up, then down, then left – then right to the point.

Hot House SCREW RIGHT TO THE POINT Alex Collack dildo & fist-fucks Joey Harden
SCENE 4: Joey Harden dildo & fist-fucks Alex Collack

This Hardcore Director’s Cut Two-Disc Set is only available at and features footage you won’t need your remote for! A full-length fisting scene starring Hot House Exclusive Alex Collack and Joey Harden will leave you astonished that guys this hot could be this filthy!

Hot House SCREW RIGHT TO THE POINT Dillon Press & Mario Ortiz fuck and Dildo-fucks Alex Collack
SCENE 5: Dillon Press & Mario Ortiz fuck and Dildo-fucks Alex Collack

Let’s get right to it. Two hot muscle studs (Mario Ortiz and Dillon Press) walk up to Hot House Exclusive Alex Collack, pull out their cocks and get busy. Mario can’t wait to get on all fours and blow Collack, the Russian Sexgod-with-the Bod. Dillon pulls up behind Mario and rims him, then pulls his fat uncut cock backwards to blow it. Alex flips over onto his back and feeds on Dillon’s dick as Mario darts his tongue into the Cossack’s hole like an anteater foraging for food. With his hole moist and ready for action, Mario plugs him with his fat uncut cock, opening up his ass good and wide for Dillon to step up and ride. Then they pull out a dildo the size of a samurai sword and bust his hole good and deep. Dillon fucks him all the way to the handle then stuffs it in his mouth for clean-up detail. Finally, Alex mounts a big brown dildo that might as well be a Foster’s beer can. He takes it to the base, cums into his own hand and greedily licks it clean. Dillon finishes the scene with one helluva thick, ropy cumshot all over Alex’s face.

Hot House SCREW RIGHT TO THE POINT Tony Serrano fucks Joshua Adams
SCENE 6: Tony Serrano fucks Joshua Adams

Tattooed bad-boy Joshua Adams steps right up to the point of Tony Serrano’s huge uncut Latin sausage. Joshua desperately blows Tony like it’s the last dick he’ll ever taste, sucking on his nuts to prime them for unloading. Tony turns around and orders the stud to clean out his sweaty hole like a good bottom pig; but that doesn’t last long before Joshua gets bent over and stuffed with Tony’s big nine-incher. Tony has him scream out how much he wants his big dick, orders him to open up his hole, then bangs the lights out of his hairy fuck-hole. Once he’s fucked him real good and opened him up, Tony drops down to eat out his freshly-fucked slop hole. Then he’s right back in the saddle to drive the boy right to the point of no return.


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