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Studio: Titan Media
Directed by: Brian Mills
Year of Production / Release: 2009
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Dean Flynn
Adam Knox
JR Matthews
Niko Reeves
Francois Sagat
Christopher Saint

SCENE 1: Christopher Saint fucks Adam Knox
SCENE 2: Dean Flynn fucks Niko Reeves
SCENE 3: Francois Sagat and Niko fuck/spit-roast JR Matthews

Can you feel the breeze tickling your balls, your boner now bouncing in excitement? In Search and Rescue, shed the shirt and become one with nature as the hottest studs—led by TitanMen exclusives Dean Flynn, JR Matthews, Francois Sagat and Christopher Saint—take you on a masculine outdoor mission you won’t forget.
   Walking through the woods, shirtless lovers Christopher Saint and Adam Knox stop to enjoy the scenery—and each other, with Knox offering his ass after a deep oral exchange.
   Waiting for his friends to arrive, Niko Reeves takes matters into his own hands—but quickly gets a mouthful (and more) from excited ranger Dean Flynn.
   While working in the woods, hardhats JR Matthews, Francois Sagat and Niko get distracted by a backpack filled with lube that soon coats Matthews’ hole in a spirited tag-team fuck.

SCENE 1: Christopher Saint, Adam Knox
With smiles stretched across their handsome faces, the athletic bodies of shirtless studs Christopher Saint (with a light dash of chest hair) and Adam Knox (smooth and tattooed) are a vision as they walk through the woods. With time to kill, the two shed more of their clothes and get closer with nature—the taller Knox drops to his knees, feasting on Saint’s uncut cock and hairy sac. The expert oral work gets the muscular hunk moaning, his hot English accent soon filling the forest: “Go right down on it, you sexy bastard!” he says in a sultry stream of verbal encouragement. “Lick my balls…lick them fuckin’ clean!” Knox complies as amazing low shots look up at the action, capturing every inch of Saint’s stunning build. The two switch positions as Knox’s big boner twitches in anticipation. Saint voraciously slurps up his lover’s slab as spit drips down, and the quiet Knox gets more verbal. The two squirt, then head to a clearing in the woods. Which alpha male will finally submit? Knox bends over by a tree, his smooth hole ripe for the picking. After Saint eats out his bud, he plows him from behind as every muscle in the top’s chiseled body tightens up. Knox gets on the ground, turning around and smiling as he looks into Saint’s eyes. Now on his back, the bottom’s dick stays stiff—and he’s soon coated in cum as the romantic pairing ends. But an accident soon puts one of them in peril…

SCENE 2: Dean Flynn, Niko Reeves
With his friends mysteriously late for a gathering at the picnic site, dark and smooth Niko Reeves battles his boredom with a raging boner that he soon strokes on the table. With veins bursting from his big biceps, the lean hunk is soon surprised by the voice of Dean Flynn, who’s been watching through the trees. “Continue jacking off,” advises the ranger, much to the surprise of Reeves. Flynn works the bulge in his pants and releases his beast as the two stroke and stare at each other. The ranger moves in, his tongue ready to tease Reeves’ shaft. Flynn is soon deep-throating the hiker as spit strands dangle and drip down. Reeves then jumps to the ground and opens his mouth wide as he sucks on Flynn’s cock, slowly going deeper and deeper before the two jack off. Reeves then bends over the table and offers up his smooth, tight hole. Flynn slurps on Reeves before fucking him deep, getting faster along the way as his own abs clench. The bottom then gets on his back, stroking his boner as he gets plowed before the two squirt again.

SCENE 3: JR Matthews, Francois Sagat, Niko
While working in the woods, JR Matthews finds a backpack with lube inside. He heads up the hill to boss Francois Sagat, and the two decide to take a break. They shed their clothes, the jockstrap-clad Matthews falling to his knees to feast on Sagat’s uncut beef. Matthews delivers a superb suck, his hands roaming Sagat’s hairy muscles. Sagat spits down on his boner, tugging Matthews’ short hair while gently fucking his face. Matthews then lies on a large wooden spool as Sagat—his own boner throbbing in excitement—returns the favor, locking his lips around his bud’s hot shaft. The limber Matthews then hunches over to suck his own dick, gazing into Sagat’s eyes as he comes up for a sultry kiss. The third member of their crew has now arrived; smooth and beefy Niko strips down and yanks his uncut meat, then joins in for a suck chain before they all cum. Matthews then sandwiches himself between the shorter studs, who take turns stuffing both of the bottom’s holes. Sagat buries his beard into Matthews’ ass before fucking him balls-deep as JR’s boner is splayed out on the edge of the spool. After a heated tag-team fuck, the three men shoot again—including a hot wad from Niko that partially lands on Matthews’ face and a big stream from JR that splits the middle of his muscular stomach and chest, which Sagat soon slathers with his own sperm. But what’s become of the injured Saint? Stay tuned…


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