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Seducing The Straight Guy Nica Noelle Iconmale Gay Porn Star

Studio: Iconmale
Directed by: Chi Chi Larue
Year of Production / Release: 2020
Country of Production: U.S.A. / Canada

Johnny B
Daniel Hausser
Colby Jansen
Ricky Larkin
Mason Lear
Draven Navarro
Jake Nicola
Zayne Roman

That rush, that instant feeling in your crotch when you know you’ve got him. The seduction is real and the thrill is overwhelming. The straight guy next door, your old buddy from school, The sexy handyman and you’re big sexy straight roommate. Turn the seduction meter up to 100 because these studs are ready to experiment.

Nica Noelle Iconmale Gay Porn Star Seducing The Straight Guy Draven Navarro fucks Johnny B
SCENE 1 – SUNNY SEDUCTION: Draven Navarro fucks Johnny B

What does one do while laying out and bored? Icon Male Newcomber Johnny B is basking in the sun and feeling pretty confident about himself, all while Draven Navarro is hard at work on his to do list. Draven can’t help but notice Johnny’s bubble butt soaking up all those rays, and Johnny can’t help notice a hot muscular straight man on a ladder hard at work. When confronted about his peeping ways, Draven nervously gives in to his sexual desires as Johnny seduces this straight man in Sunny Seduction.

Nica Noelle Iconmale Gay Porn Star Seducing The Straight Guy Ricky Larkin fucks Mason Lear
SCENE 2 – ROOMMATE CODE: Ricky Larkin fucks Mason Lear

Mason and Ricky are roommates. Mason has been fantasizing about what it would be like to have sex with this big gorilla of a man. He watches Ricky from his bedroom and always gets horny and have to rub one out. This time he gets a little overzealous and starts saying Ricky’s name loudly. When Ricky comes in Mason’s bedroom to see what all the commotion is about it’s not long before the straight roommates is shoving huge hairy cock down Mason’s throat and up his furry butt. The two roommates now have a bond that I’m sure will continue for a while.

Nica Noelle Iconmale Gay Porn Star Seducing The Straight Guy Zayne Roman fucks Jake Nicola
SCENE 3 – GUESS WHO’S BACK?: Zayne Roman fucks Jake Nicola

Newcomer Zayne Roman is playing a video game while his all time best bud, Jake Nicola, returns for a visit. Zayne tries to reminisce about college days and girls they’ve had over a drink only to find out that all this time Jake has been thinking about him… Straight man Zayne is anxious about his bud and his questions, but slowly gives in to get his straight dick seduced by his best bud. “Back in Town” by Icon Male brings you the past, the present, and two hot dudes with a future.

Nica Noelle Iconmale Gay Porn Star Seducing The Straight GuyColby Jansen fucks Daniel Hausser
SCENE 4 – BORROWING HIS TOOL: Colby Jansen fucks Daniel Hausser

Daniel Hausser has been fantasizing about his big straight next-door neighbor Colby Jensen for a while now. He’s been trying to think of an excuse to go over and talk to him. Danniell goes over to borrow a screwdriver but what he really wants is to get screwed. Colby is no dummy I can see right through the young man’s game. Pretty soon Colby is jamming his straight dick down Daniel’s throat and up his tight young ass.


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