Michael Lucas Entertainment SEXUAL & SCANDALOUS Adam Killian Brian Bonds Kosta Viking Manuel Skye Oliver Hunt Ridick Sir Peter Valentin Amour

Studio: Lucas Entertainment
Directed by: Michael Lucas
Year of Production / Release: 2022
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Valentin Amour
Brian Bonds
Oliver Hunt
Adam Killian
Sir Peter
Manuel Skye
Kosta Viking

Sometimes gay men have a hard time controlling their impulses, and when that happens they get involved in some misadventures that are both SEXUAL & SCANDALOUS! Kosta Viking tops Oliver Hunt’s boy pussy. Brian Bonds begs for Manuel Skye’s uncut daddy cock. Adam Killian spreads Valentin Amour’s legs and fucks him deep. And Sir peter busts a nut with Ridick!

Michael Lucas Entertainment SEXUAL & SCANDALOUS Kosta Viking Tops Oliver Hunt
SCENE 1: Kosta Viking Tops Oliver Hunt

When a gay guy says he has a toy collection, he’s not talking about action figures. And in the case of Kosta Viking and Oliver Hunt, the toy collection in question is as XXX-rated as you can imagine. We’re talking huge dildos, and Kosta Viking wants to see how Oliver Hunt can handle a dick by trying the toys out first. Oliver opens his mouth up wide and sucks. But what fun is it to have a hot little stud like Oliver Hunt suck on rubber when Kosta has a hard and fleshy uncut cock in his pants and a pair of balls filled with hot seed. Oliver Hunt sucks on Kosta Vikings’ uncut cock before bending over and taking it up the ass bareback like the champ he is!

Michael Lucas Entertainment SEXUAL & SCANDALOUS Brian Bonds Bottoms For Manuel Skye
SCENE 2: Brian Bonds Bottoms For Manuel Skye

Manuel Skye is a handsome and strong alpha daddy who likes to get in deep when he fucks a bottom. And the more muscular the bottom is—and the rounder and harder that bottom ass is—the more Manuel is going to pump until his papi balls are empty of semen… and his bottom is bred. With that in mind, Brian Bonds is a great guy to enter the bedroom of Manuel Skye, who is a macho jock when he’s lifting in the gym. But in the bedroom he is a bottom bitch that loves to take dick. When Manuel Skye gets his hands on Brian Bonds, they suck dick hard before having some incredible anal sex!

Michael Lucas Entertainment SEXUAL & SCANDALOUS Adam Killian Fucks Valentin Amour
SCENE 3: Adam Killian Fucks Valentin Amour

Valentin Amour sure does have a lot of control over his body. This guy has the grace and flexibility of a fine dancer, and he knows exactly how to use it to his benefit in the bedroom. Conversely, Adam Killian is a man of brute strength, and he also knows how to use his qualities between the sheets. Valentin Amour uses his mouth to suck on Adam Killian’s fat erection before spreading his legs open to give Adam full access to his boy pussy!

Michael Lucas Entertainment SEXUAL & SCANDALOUS Sir Peter Busts A Nut With Ridick
SCENE 4: Sir Peter Busts A Nut With Ridick

Ridick is in the doghouse. He’s been having an affair on Sir Peter, his boyfriend. Why is anyone’s guess, but—maybe—sometimes a guy needs a little variety. But in the end, Sir Peter finds out, and if Ridick is going to get out of this mess, he’s going to have to do everything for Sir Peter that he’s been doing for the douche bag he was with when stepping out. It starts with Sir Peter having Ridick undo his shorts, revealing that incredible uncut cock Sir Peter has between his legs. But it’s not oral Sir Peter really wants. It’s ass, and he wants Ridick to shut his mouth, open up his hole, and take the fucking of a lifetime!


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