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Hot House Entertainment SKUFF 2: DOWNRIGHT FILTHY Alex Collack Collin O Hot House Entertainment SKUFF 2: DOWNRIGHT FILTHY Alex Collack Collin O

Studio: Hot House
Directed by: Steven Scarborough
Year of Production / Release: 2003
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Rob Anthony
Alex Collack
Joe Foster
Andy Hunter
Arpad Miklos
Collin O’Neal
Daxx Reed
Filippo Romano
Cody Scott
Jacob Scott
Dick Wolf


Hot House Entertainment Arpad Miklos & Collin O
SCENE 1: Arpad Miklos & Collin O’Neal spit-roast / fuck Alex Collack
Abducted, gagged and tied to a chair, sexy, ripped Hot House Exclusive Alex Collack loses control of himself while being forced to watch his abductors roughly grab and suck their hard cocks. Powerful Hot House Exclusive Collin O’Neal unties Collack and drags him over to Hungarian hunk Arpad Miklos where O’Neal and Miklos administer Collack’s punishment from both ends. The sight of Collack’s hungry hole devouring Miklos’ giant cock triggers a raw instinct in O’Neal who mounts Collack and thrusts his fat, throbbing cock up Collack’s hole, right next to Miklos’ monster meat. The sensation of the two giant hard cocks rubbing against each other as they pound in and out of Collack’s ass drives all three men wild until O’Neal and Miklos pull out and shoot hot loads of cum all over Collack’s washboard stomach.

Hot House Entertainment Cody Scott fucks Joe Foster
SCENE 2: Cody Scott fucks Joe Foster
Scene two takes place in a graffiti covered alley, where innocent newcomer Cody Scott sleeps off a hangover. Fed up with the bums and losers filling his city streets, Joe Foster (GAYVN Performer of the Year) decides to teach this one a lesson. The two begin to fight but Scott proves to be no match for muscle-boy Foster, who overpowers Scott and forces him to suck his now rock hard cock. “I’m not a cocksucker” cries Scott, but Foster proves him wrong. Foster sheds his street clothes, revealing a cut, lean body and a perfect ass. He forces Scott to the ground and sits on his face, shoving his big cock deep into Scott’s hungry throat. Finally, Foster sits on a fire hydrant and pulls Scott down onto his cock. Scott rides it until Foster throws him on the ground and stands over him, covering him with loads of hot cum.

Hot House Entertainment Jacob Scott fucks Dick Wolf
SCENE 3: Jacob Scott fucks Dick Wolf
Adorable, rough and ready Hot House Exclusive Dick Wolf and tattooed muscular porn legend Jacob Scott take role play to a new level in Scene Three. Scott assumes the role of Master as Wolf literally becomes a Human Dog-Boy – – never speaking one word, never making one human sound, never using his hands, never standing erect (except for his cock!) Wolf, on all fours with a chain around his neck and a dog tail butt-plug in his ass, demonstrates how a well-trained dog-boy can keep his owner happy. Wagging his tail, Wolf sniffs Scott’s huge cock and low-hanging balls like a dog in heat. Only when given the okay by his Master does Wolf take Scott’s huge cock into his mouth and suck it. Scott tenderly explores his dog-boy’s hole and fucks him long and hard. Eager to obey every command, Wolf mounts his Master and fucks him with his “doggy bone” as ordered.

Hot House Entertainment Andy Hunter fucks Rob Anthony; Alex Collack dildo-fucks himself
SCENE 4: Andy Hunter fucks Rob Anthony; Alex Collack dildo-fucks himself
Hunk Rob Anthony services horse-hung Andy Hunter like a true dick-pig in Scene Four. Hunter lies back while Anthony sucks his cock, licks his balls, eats his ass and eventually climbs up on Hunter’s giant dick, riding it like a jockey. Observing all of this from the shadows, Hot House Exclusive Alex Collack joins the action, shoving his huge uncut down Hunter’s anxious throat. Hunter throws Anthony in a sling and fucks him deep until Hunter blows a load that nearly hits the ceiling! Collack takes the sling for some serious ass-eating and major dildo play administered by Anthony. Collack’s amazing hole takes the longest, fattest dildos, ramrod style!

Hot House Entertainment Filippo Romano fucks Daxx Reed
SCENE 5: Filippo Romano fucks Daxx Reed
International star Filippo Romano meets fan Daxx Reed in Scene Five. Romano’s classic Italian, chiseled, good looks, massive gym-toned body and confident, cocky attitude make him the ultimate top-man. All-American, runway-model gorgeous Reed falls to his knees to worship at the temple of Romano, sucking Romano’s fat tool. Then Reed lays face down, ass up on a bench and offers his golden globes to Romano. Romano viciously eats and fucks Reed’s ass, leaving him drenched in cum.

Hot House Entertainment Rob Anthony fist-fucks Alex Collack
SCENE 6: Rob Anthony fist-fucks Alex Collack
Hot House Exclusive Alex Collack coach co-star Rob Anthony in ‘Fist Bang.’

Hot House Entertainment Dick Wolf dildo solo
SCENE 7: Dick Wolf dildo solo

Hot House Entertainment SCENE 8: Alex Collack dildo solo
SCENE 8: Alex Collack dildo solo
Hot House Exclusive Alex Collack Gives Himself A Hand. This Bonus Scene entitled STROKE from Skuff II: Downright Filthy features a 10 minute solo with Hot House Exclusive Alex Collack! Watch Alex do what he does best; open up his hole with first an enormous dildo and then with his own fist!


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With extensive additional photography from every scene.

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