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Studio: Hot House
Directed by: Steven Scarborough
Year of Production / Release: 2009
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Race Cooper
Brendan Davies
Luke Davies
Derrek Diamond
Vince Ferelli
Johnny Gunn
Ross Hurston
Andrew Justice
Kyle King
Paul Wagner
Josh West
Ethan Wolfe

SCENE 1: Josh West fucks Paul Wagner
SCENE 2: Andrew Justice fucks the little piggy Johnny Gunn
SCENE 3: Luke Davies & Brendan Davies fuck Kyle King
SCENE 4: Race Cooper fucks Derrek Diamond
SCENE 5: Ross Hurston fucks Ethan Wolfe; later Ross Hurston and Ethan Wolfe fuck Vince Ferelli

Premiering in the Hot House Backroom prior to DVD release
Hot House Backroom Members can see this film anytime online.

On-Line Only Presentation


SCENE 1: Josh West fucks Paul Wagner
Don’t be deceived by Paul Wagner. Although he’s caged and begging for Josh West’s giant cock, he’s far from submissive. West starts off aggressively intimidating the eager cocksucker. But the minute the cage is opened Wagner turns the tables on West, choking him with his own rock-hard tool. West regains control of the situation by flipping Wagner over to lick his throbbing hole. Wagner demands to be fucked, literally forcing his huge ass onto West’s monster.

SCENE 2: Andrew Justice fucks the little piggy Johnny Gunn
Johnny Gunn lies on a wooden bench, hogtied, with a corkscrew pigtail butt plug stuck in his ass. Hung dominant top Andrew Justice hears Gunn’s moans and begins to torment the naughty little sex pig. Justice smacks Gunn’s furry ass and fucks him with the butt plug, until Gunn begs for Justice’s huge cock. Justice yanks out the toy and shoves his cock in the gaping hole. Once untied Gunn takes control by forcing Justice to service him. Then Gunn grabs a nearby rope hanging from the ceiling and thrusts his gaping hole down on the Justice’s rock-hard tool.

SCENE 3: Kyle King, Luke Davies & Brendan Davies
Enter a deserted warehouse that smells of sex where Kyle King kneels on a leather bench riding a giant dildo. As if in answer to his sexual fantasies, hung, tattooed top-daddies Luke and Brendan Davies appear, forcing King’s hungry throat down on their fat, zero-gage pierced cocks. The hot Davies duo take turns fucking King’s mouth and hole, pour water on him from a boot, and use him like a toy. After the big brutes blow their loads on his face and chest, King kneels underneath them so they can drench him with their piss.

SCENE 4: Race Cooper fucks Derrek Diamond
Race Cooper leans on his Harley down a deserted alley, his chiseled torso glowing in the moonlight. Innocent looking cruiser Derrek Diamond sees him and approaches with caution. Cooper removes his thick leather collar and secures it on Diamond, making him is willing submissive. After forcing his thick cock down Diamond’s throat he leans him over and dives into his fat round ass. With his hole wet and ready, Diamond leans on a lamppost to receive Cooper’s rod. Hungry for more fucking, Diamond retrieves a mattress from a pile of deris and lies down so Cooper can pound him harder. Cooper turns his attention to Diamond’s huge cock, sucking it all the way to the base then climbs back on to fuck him until he cums.

SCENE 5: Ross Hurston, Vince Ferelli & Ethan Wolfe
Not since King Kong has there been so much muscle and brawn held captive in chains as our own body builder Vince Ferelli! (Watching him struggle to break free will get muscle worshipers off in the first 60 seconds.) Imagine the surprise of Ross Hurston and Ethan Wolfe when their prisoner wraps his chains around their necks and forces them to service him! Wolfe grabs the bolt cutters and sets Ferelli free, allowing him to whip out his fat cock. The greedy cock suckers feast on his meat while they jack their own huge tools. After fucking Ferelli’s face with his 10+ inch tool, Wolfe surrenders his puckered hole to Hurston. Watching Hurston pound Wolfe’s hole makes Ferelli crave a cock up his ass so they flip him over and fuck him down. Finally all three hunks blow their loads drenching the exhausted Ferelli in cum!


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