SLEEPYHEAD Rick Lovatelli Tommy Hunter Boy Fun BoyFun Young Uncut Czech Twinks and Young Men Gay Porn Bareback

Studio: BoyFun
Directed by:
Year of Production / Release: 2018
Country of Production: E.U. / Czech Republic

Tommy Hunter
Rick Lovatelli

Boy Fun BoyFun Young Uncut Czech Twinks and Young Men Gay Porn

It might be considered wrong, but Rick Lovatelli is the kind of horny boy who just goes after what he wants, and he won’t let walls stand in the way of his desires. Right now he wants the big meaty cock of handsome neighbor boy Tommy Hunter, but although a session of BoyFun might not have been expected it seems the object of his desires isn’t at all reluctant. It’s understandable that Tommy would be the kind of boy he would lust after, the gorgeous young man has an incredible cock, and being immensely hung himself blond boy Rick knows how to handle and please a big piece of youthful meat. After letting himself in and sneaking to the bedroom he finds the gorgeous young man snoozing in nothing but his sexy underwear, his morning boner starting to twitch and throb. Unable to restrain himself he reaches for the delicious tool immediately, releasing Tommy’s impressive cock and sucking it gently. Roused from his slumber by the pleasure of the boy’s experienced mouth Tommy isn’t shocked to find this sweet little intruder gobbling on his erection, he’s more than happy to have such talented company, and more than eager to return the favor. Rick’s incredible dong is revealed, a damp and hooded banana of morning manhood perfect for a greedy young man to feast on. Tommy works the blond boy’s schlong with skill, his own cock still throbbing and desperate for some tight young ass, which he soon gets. As the city comes to life outside the window Tommy licks his friend’s perfect little pucker and eases his awesome rod into the boy, giving Rick the kind of fucking he craves, his own ginormous cock bouncing and swinging while he rides his new friend. Tommy pumps Rick’s hole from behind, flipping the boy over to drive deeper still, taking them closer and closer to their first release of the day. As moans of pleasure escape their lips the two share their climax, a messy reward of fresh cream pumps into blond boy Rick’s waiting mouth and his own generous hooded length quickly spews a fountain of milky goodness! I guess Rick now has an open invitation to wake up his neighbor after this.

Boy Fun BoyFun Young Uncut Czech Twinks and Young Men Gay Porn


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