Falcon Studios SNAP SHOT (FVP-201) Erik Rhodes Adam Killian Jeremy Bilding Landon Conrad Falcon Studios SNAP SHOT (FVP-201) Erik Rhodes Adam Killian Jeremy Bilding Landon Conrad

Studio: Falcon Studios
Directed by:
Year of Production / Release: 2010
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Jeremy Bilding
Landon Conrad
Steven Daigle
Jayden Grey
Adam Killian
Brandon Lewis
Erik Rhodes
Gavin / Gavin Waters

Release Date: To Be Announced
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Young shutterbug Jayden Grey is on the prowl looking for interesting subjects to capture on film … something that’ll please the eye and tickle his fancy. He hits the motherlode when he stumbles into an abandoned warehouse. Within its cavernous spaces he snaps images of hot men swimming in enough kink to satisfy their sexual hunger. But before Jayden can get enough shots to fill up his camera, he finds himself getting framed by a pair of these hungry hunks and together they make a pretty intense picture.

Falcon Studios SNAP SHOT (FVP-201)
Brandon Lewis is a sexual beacon standing high up on the catwalk. He looks down and spots Jeremy Bilding who returns his gaze and quickly goes up so they can get down. The men quickly get acquainted as they take turns sucking each other’s cocks. Then Brandon’s admirer targets the creamy mounds of his ass so he can begin rimming his hole, jamming a couple of fingers inside for good measure. They get up and Jeremy fucks Brandon’s tight asshole from behind. They continue screwing hard and fast in different positions while Brandon groans and moans with every thrust. He excitedly tugs on his dick until he climaxes and cums across his belly. Then Jeremy blasts his explosive shot of mancream all over his partner’s chest.

Falcon Studios SNAP SHOT (FVP-201)
Gavin Waters and Adam Killian tear into each other like wild dogs, kissing and grabbing in an aggressively playful manner. Then Gavin opens wide to swallow and savor Adam’s stiff cock. They find a sofa to nest in and Adam starts nursing on Gavin’s uncut cock. Then he munches his friend’s pink butthole, licking it clean with spit. Adam upends Gavin so the blond stud’s butt is smack in his face and he resumes rimming. Even upside down, Gavin can lean in and suck his assailant’s cock. Wanting more, the tattooed stud screws Gavin up the ass. He continues pumping hard, even as Gavin manages to cram a dildo up his ass. The men work up a sweat as Gavin rides Adam’s cock until he finally busts his nut. Then he lovingly and orally facilitates his man’s explosive follow-up.

Falcon Studios SNAP SHOT (FVP-201)
Steven Daigle wanders inside the warehouse looking for trouble and finds big-muscled Erik Rhodes. The two men face off and quickly let their hands and tongues do all the talking. Steven is all over Erik’s cock, savoring the foreskin’s fleshy excess. Then it’s the big man’s turn to service his wanton comrade. Steven next zeroes in on Erik’s bubblebutt, diving tongue-first into the clenched aperture. Erik then primes his opponent’s hole before he drives his dick in. Steven grows excited with every thrust, even during his bouncy ride on Erik’s hot rod. They finish off with Steven on his knees jerking himself off while he fellates Erik’s big sausage. The young buck cums first and he creams all over; then he waits for Erik to shower him with his spooge before he takes off.

Falcon Studios SNAP SHOT (FVP-201)
Jayden Grey continues his investigative meandering until he’s surprised by Adam Killian and abducted. The ruffian drags the frightened photog to his waiting partner-in-crime, Landon Conrad. Adam forcefeeds his stiff dick into Jayden’s mouth while Landon snaps away, filming the young shutterbug’s humiliation. But Jayden manages to cope and soon he’s got both their cocks down his throat without any resistance. The lusty threesome move and groove into different combinations sucking cock and eating ass, with the young interloper getting worked over and roughened up. Adam and Landon stuff their meatpoles into Jayden at both ends. Then they ratchet up the action by simultaneously cramming both their dicks into Jayden’s ass. It’s sheer pleasure despite the pain and Jayden screams his surrender. Adam then lays down. He nibbles Jayden’s dick while Landon fucks him and one after the other they all climax and cum.


*** Highly, Highly Recommended ***


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