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Studio: Raging Stallion / Fetish Force
Directed by: Ben Leon and Chris Ward
Year of Production / Release: 2008
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Lee Dakota
Jake Deckard
Ty Hudson
Luke Montana

Cock Stuffing like you have never seen before! – Deep Sounding, Catheter Play, Screaming Testicles

OK Guys–this movie is one for the record books. If you thought Sounding #1 was over-the-top, wait until you see what the kinking sex pigs at Raging Stallion Studios have cooked up this time! This is the most extreme urethral play movie ever made by anyone anywhere.
   Superstar Jake Deckard takes charge in a scene with Ty Hudson that must be seen to be believed. Ty starts off with a long steel rod, fucking the inside of his engorged cock until he is on the verge of cumming. Watching the sound move in and out of his piss hole, cock lips kissing every long inch, is an adventure into itself. You can even see the sound force its way down his cock as the skin of his urethra bulges in ecstasy! Before he can shoot his painful load, Jake Deckard steps in and stops him from reaching orgasm. Jake, you see, has plans…..
   Jake tells Ty to lube up an 18-inch long catheter–a yellow hose that will reach all the way down thru Ty’s cock, past his ass hole, thru his prostate and into his bladder. Guys, this is as deep as sounding can get! Watch as the catheter disappears down Ty’s huge rock hard cock until it is all the way in! This man has no limits! Jake then takes the scene to the next level by fucking Ty while the catheter is inside his cock! Every stroke Jake delivers sends a double pounding on Ty’s tortured prostate. He squeals like a pig as he gets royally fucked from both sides, cock and catheter pounding against each other deep inside his groin. If you are a fan of extreme CBT and cock play, this scene is custom designed to make you cum over and over again. It’s over an hour of extreme fetish force play..
   The second session on this amazing DVD pits newcomers and real-life boyfriends Lee Dakota and Luke Montana against each other in a cock- stuffing orgy that sees so many things going up their piss holes that your eyes will bug out in disbelief. Hairy stud and box-cover model Lee Dakota even goes so far to shove a pair of pliers up his dick– which gets harder and harder with each new toy! Luke also takes everything in sight up his pee hole, but he also is into some pretty hard core ball torture. Your nuts will ache just watching him turn on the torture. One of the high points of the scene is when these guys decide to shove flashlights up the cocks–yes, you read that correct! Flashlights! Be amazed as their cocks glow from an internal light source! Again, you simply have to see this to believe it.
   This is the best cock-focused fetish movie of the year. Be warned– you will never be the same after watching this movie!


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