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Studio: Ayor Studios
Directed by: Robert Boggs
Year of Production / Release: 2006
Country of Production: Czech Republic

Leo Cooper
Chad Driver
Ben Keaton
Matias Mayer [Carey Lexes]
Matej Kodes
Denis Read [Pavel Matous]
Genadij Prokov
Brock Wilder [Jay Renfro]
Patrick Veselsky
Ronnie Wilson
Nick Wollner
Mark Zebro


Promo/Description source: Jérôme
Rather than the various bathhouse movies Robert Boggs has made over the years, this fifth AYOR release derives directly from the central episode in AQUA CLUB (2004, Pacific Sun), a 3way (already) featuring Chad Driver and shot in the same resort used for scenes 1, 2, 4 & 5 of SPLASH!, a popular aqua park in Liberec, north of Prague. There is the same concept of moving from a public space to a more restricted area, and the same sense of athletic horsing around inextricably mixed with gay lust and tenderness. This year’s movie (re)introduces a group of friends who go spend whole afternoons in one of the many aqua parks and spa resorts available in Prague and elsewhere in the country, and which are particularly in favor during the cold and damp winter months. New encounters occur, as in scene 1 or 7, but mostly it’s friends playing together and enjoying each other in all possible ways. The fact that scenes 5 & 6 are “oral only” is just one example of this. Beside the most welcome return of Brock and Chad to the fold, this is the film that revealed Genadij Prokov in all his glory.

Scenes/Loops/Matches promotional material
1 – Denis Read, Matias Mayer
2 – Genadij Prokov, Ronnie Wilson, Brock Wilder
3 – Chad Driver, Genadij Prokov
4 – Matias Mayer, Mark Zebro, Brock Wilder
5 – Genadij Prokov, Chad Driver, Denis Read, Ronnie Wilson
6 – Matias Mayer, Denis Read
7 – Patrick Veselsky, Leo Cooper


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